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Shaykh Sayyid Zahid Husain Rizwi has replied to our questions:

Description of the Prophet [Sallal Laaho Alaiehi Wassalam]

Jami Tirmidhi Shareef
Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah (radi allahu anhu) said: I have not seen anything more beautiful than Allah’s
Messenger [Sallal Laaho Alaiehi Wassalam] as though the sun sailed in his face.
And, I have not seen anyone walk faster than Allah’s Messenger [Sallal Laaho Alaiehi Wassalam] as though the land is rolled up for him; while we have to exert ourselves (walking with him), he (walks) effortlessly.

Sahih Bukhari shareef
Narrated Abu Huraira(radi allahu anhu): Allah's Apostle [Sallal Laaho Alaiehi Wassalam] said, "I have been sent
(as an Apostle) in the best of all the generations of Hazrat Adam's(alaihi as-salaam) offspring since their Creation."

Sahih Bukhari shareef
Narrated Anas(radi allahu anhu):I have never touched silk or Dibaj (i.e. thick silk) softer than the palm of the Prophet [Sallal Laaho Alaiehi Wassalam]
nor have I smelt a perfume nicer than the sweat of the Prophet [Sallal Laaho Alaiehi Wassalam].

Sahih Bukhari shareef
Narrated `Abdullah bin Ka`b(radi allahu anhu): I heard Ka`b bin Malik(radi allahu anhu) talking after his failure to join (the Ghazwa of) Tabuk. He said, "When I greeted Allah's Apostle [Sallal Laaho Alaiehi Wassalam] whose face was glittering with happiness, for whenever Allah's Apostle [Sallal Laaho Alaiehi Wassalam] was happy, his face used to glitter, as if it was a piece of the moon, and we used to recognize it (i.e. his happiness) from his face."

Jami Tirmidhi Shareef
Sayyidina Anas ibn Maalik (radi allahu anhu) narrated: The day when Allah’s Messenger [Sallal Laaho Alaiehi Wassalam] entered Madinah, everything in it was illuminated. Then, the day when he passed away everything in it became dark. And we had barely dusted off our hands after burying him when our hearts changed.

Jami Tirmidhi Shareef
Sayyidina Jabir ibn Samurah (radi allahu anhu) narrated : The legs of Allah’s Messenger [Sallal Laaho Alaiehi Wassalam]were slender. He did not laugh beyond a smile. When I looked at him I thought that there was collyrium in his eyes, but he had not applied collyrium.

Jami Tirmidhi Shareef
Sayyidina Ali (radi allahu anhu) described the Prophet [Sallal Laaho Alaiehi Wassalam] saying: He was neither very tall nor very short,but was of average height. His hair were neither very curly nor very straight, but slightly curly. He was not very fat. His face was not very round but had a roundish appearance. He was reddish-white with wide black eyes, long eye lashes. He had large joints and broad shoulders, fleshy between shoulders. He was not hairy except for a fine line of hair from his chest to navel. His palms and feet were hard and thick. When he walked, he put his feet down firmly on the ground raising them as though he walked down a slope. If he looked at anyone, he turned completely (not with a side glance). Between his shoulders was the seal of prophet hood, He was the seal of the Prophets and the best of men at heart (free from jealousy), truer speaker than all men, of mildest nature and noblest company. If, anyone saw him suddenly, he would be overcome with awe and he who chose his company, loved him. One who describes him admits, “I have never seen anyone like him before or afterwards "

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