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Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

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Shaykh Mohammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibendi, Sohbat of the 8th of April 2012.

Madad Ya Rijal Allah. Madad Ya 'ibad Allah al salihin. Madad Ya Budala' Al Sham Budala,
nujaba, nuqaba, & akhiyar and the Saints of Egypt... akhiyar from East to West.

This is an address for the whole world. But it is an address especially for the Nation of
Muhammad (saws). And it is especially for the Shaykhs of the distinguished Tariqats. And it is
especially for the Muslim scholars that are existing in our time now, in the world from East to

I am a weak servant and I am hoping that the Lord forgives me and I am hoping for the
Prophet's (saws) intercession on Judgement Day. I do not need anything anymore from this
world. Like our honourable Masters have taught us, this world is a carcass - the dogs want it. A
carcass! But Allah (swt) honoured His servants with something that if they do not use it for His
(swt) sake, they will become a carcass. We must be careful in order not to be like those people
who are asking for this world. To ask for this world is the most evil thing on the face of the
earth. Those who ask for this world are the most evil of people because all the Prophets (as)
came to encourage the servants of Allah (swt) to seek the pleasure of Allah (jwa) and to seek
Eternal life. Eternal- Sarmadi! Ignorant are the ones who ask for this temporary, worldly life that
has no value. This is what the Prophets (as) asked for, and especially the request of Sayyidina
Rasulullah, Prophet of the end of times, Beloved of The Most Merciful-Al Rahman - Sayyidina
Muhammad (saws).

Salam alaykum, Shaykh Hisham Effendi, scholar in this period of time and among the respected
Shaykhs existing on the face of the earth. I became inspired to address to the whole world. We
are living in a time in which all the people, people... are asking for this world. Just like in another
time, when someone was asked to ascend the pulpit of a Mosque in Sham, although he was not
authorized for this position, and began a khutba by saying "O people, you are filthy ones your
Imam is Abbas!" They attacked him, hit him & kicked him out. But it turned out that this man
conveyed the situation of the world to the people. Anjas, means something worse than just filthy,
and the world is filthiness. Who asks for this world, this carcass - this is what the Prophet
(saws) says - who asks for it are dogs. Naudhu Billah. In our time now, the least possible of
things is to be free from asking for this world. But people are working.. all the people want to
collect from this world. But this world is for this world. If you do not do goodness for the
favours that Allah(swt) bestowed on you, that is filthiness. The value of this world is for the
sake of Allah (swt) and on Judgment Day He Will ask "O My servant, what have you brought?"

"I have brought the treasures of the world."

"I did not ask from the measurement of the world, I am asking you from the measurement of
good deeds you did in the world with the treasures of the world." "What did you bring as good

And people now are busy with collecting from this world and they do not spend. It is the
attribute of the Jews. They collect for themselves & put away for themselves and they do not
bring it out to show the signs of Allah (swt), to stand up for Shariat Allah & for good deeds. This
is an opportunity for them but they do not make use of it. This is the preface of this address as
they say- our grand Shaykhs say, our honourable Masters. Our Way is in association &
goodness is in the gathering.

This was an introduction, now we come to the point, a very sensitive point, around the necks of
the scholars living in this period of time. They have forgotten to act with it. What is it? O
scholars! Or doctors! You have forgotten the Hereafter, you have forgotten your Lord. You have
taken shaytan as your supporter. You have taken the filthiness of this world. This is their earned
share of shamefulness. Astaghfirullah. The servant's earnings in this world. This world is a
carcass. And now, O servants of the Lord, I am addressing you O scholars of Islam from East to
West. Since... since I have been inspired & ordered to announce to you, whether you accept or
you do not accept, it does not concern me. O servants of the Lord, in what period of time are we
living? In which era? We are living in the time of tyrants. Tyrants who do not act, they do not act
with the powerful Shariat of Allah (swt) but act instead upon the desires of their egos & they
oppress people. They kill them & they dishonour them and they go beyond their limits. And they
violate the rights of the servants of the Lord. They collect the treasures of this world & they do
not give to people. Tyrants! Tyrant people. This address is for the tyrants of nowadays.
"Inna Fi´ha Qawman Jabbarina" (5:22) Allah (awj) shows everything.

We are living now in the time of the tyrants. It is known that tyrants do not act with the powerful
Shariat, but they act according to the desires of their egos & rule with their anger, as if their
anger descended from Heavens onto the face of the earth & people are following them. Leaving
the safe way they follow them. These tyrants first appeared during the Ottoman empire.
Secondly, when the Ottoman empire was declining. And there were maybe about 50 countries in
the world remaining to the Ottoman kings. We are now living, but our Prophet (saws) gave us
good tidings, that this period of time also has a limit. Limit - it must come to a limit & finish.
And maybe the 20th Century was fully the century of the tyrants. And up to this part of the 21st
Century... 21st Century... What do we need now, O scholars? Because these tyrants, first of all
they attacked the Maqam or... the center of the Islamic Khilafa - where the Khalifas used to be.
They attacked every place that represented Islam. Now we come to an important point, pay
attention O scholars! The Caliphate is on the Shariat of Allah (swt). The Caliphate keeps the Shariat of Allah (swt). Without the Khalifa, there cannot be any country that maintains the powerful Shariat of Allah (swt). And you know this O scholars, you claim to be scholars. In which time? In the time of tyrants.

What have you done? They say "we have not done anything". "For what reason?" "Because they
took all the power from our hands, and left us on our own. We have nothing. They rule & we are
under their ruling. They became rulers & we became under their ruling. We used to rule & they
were ruled by us. Today they are rulers & we are ruled. It is like this." The message of the
Prophet (saws) reached at that time, a handful of people in Anatolia in Turkey. They gathered
and said "we are going to abolish the Sultanate & with it we will abolish the Caliph." This is not
for them. This is not for them! May Allah's (swt) curse be on them. This is not for them. And
same for all the states who left the orders & did like that.

In the new state in Turkey, a handful of people abolished the Sultanate and with it they abolished
the Khilafa? O scholars, with what right did these tyrant people abolish the Khilafa? Did they
have this power & this authority? Why don't you look at this? You write books & books and
you claim to be doctors. You have no value! This time in which we are, is the worst time.
Muslims are killing each other. They have dishonoured Islam, in every way. And also the
Muslims they turned them from being Muslims to being the most humiliated. The tyrants
became the highest level of people and the Muslims the most humiliated. Not even one word
from the Muslims was said against those tyrants. O scholars, between East & West, I am a weak
servant, but by order of Al Haqq (swt) - as He (swt) says "Wa Dhakkir, Fa'inna Adh-Dhikra’ Tanfa`u Al-Mu'uminina"(51:55) Is it not like this? Sadaqa Allahu Al Azim. "And Remind.." Why are you not reminding about the matter of Khilafa? Why did you accept to abolish totally the station of Khilafa? A handful of people, how did you accept
this O scholars of India? Scholars of Arabic countries, scholars of Egypt, Libya, West Africa
and all Arab countries, why did you accept? With what right you did not protect that station, that

There is no higher station than the station of Khilafa in this world! The honour of all the Kings is
for the reason that they carry the Islamic Khilafa. No one raised his hand to protect the banner
of Islam. Where are you scholars! And the people... a handful of people killing the Muslims
from East to West, and you said nothing. Who keeps quiet about the truth is a silent shaytan.
And now, I am calling you O scholars! You witnessed a man, who is a descendent of the
Prophet (saws), who raised the banner of the Prophet (saws), removed. The Khalifa of Allah
(swt) - the station of Khilafa & Sultan was for him. We have reached such a period of time.
And now we have searched for who has the right to the station of Khilafa in our days. The first
condition is that he is a Khalifa from the descendents of the Prophet (saws). We looked from the
East to the West of the world and we have not found except from the children of the Prophet
(saws). They are a handful people in the Kingdom of Amman- Jordan. They have been imprisoned there, and all the rich Arabs with all their power & treasures they never supported the children/descendents of the Prophet (saws) with anything. They have everything but have never supported him. They shall see!

And now our duty... our duty is to look for a living Khalifa. We find him fit for this matter in the
Kingdom that is in Amman-Jordan. Jordan, there are a handful of people from the household of
the Prophet (saws) who are ruling and they have cut them out and left them in the middle of the
desert so they cannot move. This is a shameful act of the Arabs, shame on them, the Wrath of
Allah (swt) is upon them! And you scholars I am addressing you, it is our duty to take.. and to
look for who has the right to carry the banner of Khilafa, only a descendent of the Prophet

Look from East to West and you will only find them in the land, the desert land of Amman. The
Ahl Al Bayt, they are left there and they cut them out so they cannot move. Shame on the
scholars! Who left them alone, oppressed, broken & deprived. And now it is a duty, O scholars,
to ask you for a fatwa- legal opinion: Is it a duty & a right to look for a Khalifa or not? The first
thing for the whole Islamic world, I am asking them. If he says "it is not necessary." Who says
this is not from the Muslim people and should be exiled & considered from among the tyrants.
And now what is left is a handful of people from the household of the Prophet (saws) coming
from the last of the Sharifs-Honoured ones. Sharifs of Mecca, Sharif Hussain, may Allah bless
his soul. They tricked him till he stood up against the Muslim Khilafa of the Ottoman Empire.
And they promised him lies. They told him "we shall make you, O Sharif Hussain, a King for all
the Arabs, but this was deception & lies. And when those tyrants who are following the Jews
take their orders and all their teachings from the Jews. They deceived Sharif Hussain & exiled
him and chained him.

At that time I was young, 10 years old. I saw him here in Nicosia, in a simple house. They
exiled him, may Allah (swt) bless his soul. With my father we used to go and kiss his hand,
because my father at that time was working for the Islamic Waqf here in Cyprus. And we were
offering every service & respect for Sharif Hussain. And when he passed away they came to
take him to the Holy Land (Jerusalem). This is very well known to the people with knowledge,
but they do not know anything about this topic. I would like to open for them a way that they
may seek a Khalifa otherwise we will be destroyed from East to West with weapons from
countries that are non-Muslim, whose aim is to control the whole world from East to West. And
most of them want to put Islam down & put themselves up. But Allah (swt) says" Haqq stand
high & nothing stands higher". Islam is the Highest! O scholars listen! I want from you a fatwa -
legal opinion, about what we should do? I am a weak servant, I want that we take a Khalifa from
Ahlul Bayt of the Prophet (saws) who is living now.

And you know what has happened in the blessed Lands of Sham. "The best houses for the
Muslims, said our Prophet (saws), are in the land of Sham, " In the land called Damascus. The
best Muslim houses are there. The people gather there. And now the right for Khilafa & the
Islamic Sultanate is for his Highness King Abdullah. His name is Abdullah, Allah (swt) has
dressed him with a dress of such glory that everything else becomes as nothing in front in front
of it. May Allah (swt) support him. And now O scholars I am asking from you to support him...
to support him now. He is now waiting for you to grant your support to him. And now O
scholars you have seen or you have heard how far they have gone, the enemies of Islam & the
Muslims in the land of Sham.

And now in an area of Syria they are cut off and all those who are against Islam have retreated
to the North side of the land of Syria. They have left Damascus, the city honoured by Allah
(swt), empty with no one to govern it, with no King to protect them. And now we are asking to
grant eveything to the one who has the right, the authority to it. Sham is empty. I want the
scholars to give a fatwa- legal opinion from East to West: that the most deserving and the one
with the right to carry the Muslim Khilafa from Rasulullah (saws) is King Abdullah from
Amman/Jordan. May Allah support him. Support him. If you do not support him Allah's (swt)
Wrath will come upon you till you perish.

And now I am asking from everyone who can issue a fatwa- legal opinion to proclaim that the
one who deserves to be a Khalifa is his Majesty, King Abdullah. Allah (swt) supports him and
the angels support him. If you do not support him not one of you will reach the time of Mahdi
(as) & just before he comes you will pass away & be burried either in the Muslims graveyard or
with the worst of the unbelievers. And now this declaration is an announcement from a weak
servant, not like you scholars, but we have inspirations. If we get inspirations or not - ask the
people who have knowledge of certainty. Ask them them if my words are right or not. If they say
it is true, they will be saved. But those who deny will perish. And now there are troops in Jordan
carrying the banner. It is the banner of the Prophet (saws). The second banner carries the name
of Mahdi (as), Sahib Al Zaman.

Do you accept? We do. If you do not give a fatwa that the most fit, the most beneficial, and the
best for the ummah as Khilafa, is the lion of Allah (swt), King Abdullah of Amman/Jordan. And
he has been promised to have the Land of Sham, the land of Hijaz, the land of Baghdad/Iraq. All
the Muslim countries should be under his command until Mahdi (as) comes to give him the Holy
Relics. He will go with him to Istambul to give him the Holy Relics. I did not read this
declaration from a book. But it is from the men of Allah (swt). Since the men of Allah (swt) they
have dressed me with the power to give declarations to the whole world while I am the weakest
of servants, the weakest of servants, may Allah (swt) forgive us. May Allah (swt) forgive us. We
want nothing but goodness. We want to leave all the badness. We want goodness & who will
raise the banner of Islam, the flag of Haqq, the flag of Heavens on the face of the earth. This is
our aim - nothing else.

O Shaykh Hisham, I request from you also & all who can issue a fatwa to say that this
declaration is correct & that the right to the Khilafate belongs to the lion, his Majesty King
Abdullah who is from the household of the Prophet (saws), in Jordan. This is our declaration. I
am asking that this fatwa be issued from every scholar who can issue one to support our
declaration. So they may give the due right - "give to everyone their due rights" (Hadith).These
are words of the Prophet. Otherwise Allah's (swt) Wrath will be on them. His majesty is ready,
with two flags: one of the Prophet (saws) and the second one is of Sahib Al Zaman, al Mahdi
(as). He will enter Damascus in spite of their opposition. Then his Kingdom will expand from
East to West in the Muslim world and these dishonoured ones, humiliated ones, will be exiled.
They will escape or they will die. Only the banner of the Prophet (saws) will remain together
with the banner of Sayidina Al Mahdi (as). He is not al Mahdi (as), King Abdullah, no.
Al Mahdi (as) is coming. Al Mahdi (as) is coming. Al Mahdi (as) is in the land of Hijaz. He is
there, his family knows him and besides his family, no one knows him. And we are asking to
meet him, to kiss his feet & take bayat with him. 60 years ago I took bayat with him, O Shaykh
Hisham. 60 years ago I gave him bayat, together with my Master Mawlana Sultan Al Awliya'
Abdullah Al Daghastani. I wrote this letter to his grandfather Amir Abdullah to keep his
position. If you do not keep the position of his great grandchildren, Abdullah the II, this
Abdullah, the holder of the sword!

O King do not fear, walk and Allah (swt) is with you & the armies of Heaven are with you. Do
not fear, make your move. Place on your head the Islamic turban, the honour of Islam, and walk.
The land will open for you. It is open for you and wherever you direct yourself you shall be
victorious. And Allah (swt) is with you & is with the patient ones, with the good servants of
Allah (swt). Ya Rabbi grant us safety in this time. Allah (jwa) emptied the land of Sham for him
to rule. He will enter into the land of Sham.

I am asking a fatwa from all the scholars who can issue one, that King Abdullah is the righteous
one for Khilafa in Sham now. Then he will go to Istambul, Asitana, to receive the Holy Relics of
the Prophet (sas),his greatest grandfather. And Allah (swt) is Witness upon what we have said.
Ya Rabbi forgive us, and grant us from Your Guidance and show us the glory days of Islam, as
we have seen what happened to the Muslims. We hope that we may be honoured with the honour
of Islam. That we may be proud & not be humiliated among people.

O Arabs, especially you, "do not be divided and hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of
Allah" (3:103) The Rope of Allah (swt) that represents the King of Jordan. His Highness King
Abdullah, is the Rope of Allah (swt). Hold fast to him and do not fear. Allah (swt) is with you.

And Allah (swt) Knows what you do. And forgive us O Lord, for the sake of Your most
honoured one. My heart is too full to speak, but now I reached the age of weakness. And what
has been inspired to my heart & what they have ordered me to say is this much. It is enough for
70 worlds. And Allah (swt) is Witness to what we say. Allahu Akbar! And His Prophet (saws)
knows. His Prophet (saws) is generous, the highest in the Divine Presence. I have declared, I
have declared, I have declared.

I am asking from my Lord to show me those honoured days of Islam, between the hands of the
Sultan, O Lord You are Omnipotent over everything. Sham is open for you, O your Majesty the
King. Enter it O King, O lion of Allah (swt). And no fear for you, the armies of Heavens &
earths are with you. Go! Fatiha. Wa min Allah Al Tawfiq.

Video link: Video of sohbet

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2 Comments On This Entry


Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim. As salam alaikum.

I am really sad for your website, which previously was speaking good of Maulana Shaykh Nazim, and was calling people to think two times before criticizing a noble shaykh of Ahlus Sunnah such as him, as now I see that you lost the sense of adab with him and have joined hand with people speaking ill of a man that has always stood up for Haqq based on purely personal views of him that have no basis at all on the matter of his Highness the King Abdullah II of Jordan.

What people do not understand when it comes to announcing His Highness King Abdullah II as future Caliph insha'Allah is that such proclamation does not entail endorsing every single act of the person much less of other people around him, close to him or before him.

A lack of sense of history, of our own history, and of the subtle and complex nature of things when it comes to a change in the world of society and politics is evident when people dare to judge these things with very short-sighted miopia.

Look at the story of how many sultans in our history received blessings from awliya or awliya predicted about them: he will have success in military conquests, yet in initial stages as human beings and not awliya themselves the leaders of mu'minun may show certain things that would not conform entirely to what we would like to expect.

People thinking like that also do not understand that a certain leader may be supported by awliya taking on account the needs of the people and the status of the people, that is, on behalf of a majority of believers even if awliya themselves may see something in the leader that in time insha'Allah, and they know much better knowledge than us, will change to a more regular situation.

Many are the cases of big leaders that underwent a surprising change in time due precisely to the duas of awliya supporting their mission on behalf of the needs of believers. As people of tasawwuf, do we not know that awliya are capable of tawajjuh? They just need permission, and we seek refuge against speaking bad against someone that in future may be such a one, as we indeed expect, that our mouths should better remain closed before speaking against him.

And when we say that we kiss the hands and feet of a leader, we do it in these times in order to dignify the position, the function, the assignment to be performed in the future for such person, as nowadays we need something to struck on our heads so that we may awaken to the fact that yes, we do indeed need a caliph and caliphate in itself is something of high value, beyond few personal temporal circumstances.

We all know what the West wants regarding Islam, what the nature of Nato, White House and western powers are, we do not endorse the Amman Message.

How do we -his murids- know it?

By Maulana Shaykh Nazim's clear and brave stance for Haqq regardless of people liking it or not.

He is such a one to speak Haqq clearly, as clearly as no other shaykh in tariqa is doing now. His words are enough. Yet Maulana himself is looking at a bigger picture, with much higher knowledge than ordinary ulama and shaykhs, and surprises come to us as indeed Allah has veiled the position of the future caliph in a way that yes, it will come as a surprise, it needs may be to came as a surprise in order to fool the enemies of Islam that currently may think that they have everything under their control. Yet Allah is the ultimate planner of things and no one can defeat His decree.

Have we not heard the hadith of Mahdi himself (as) making a peace treaty with a portion of Christian nations against other nations in an initial stage? At a later stage, he defeats both of them. Reflect on it.

Then why we wonder too much about political circumstances in the case of the Hashemite Kingdom? Has Maulana Shaykh Nazim endorsed the rebellion against the ottoman caliphate? No. On the contrary, he has always spoken in the best terms of the Ottoman Caliphate. Yet history continues and Allah is capable in His decree to whatever Allah wishes.

Are we completely unable to think with more realistic and far-sight view on this issue? For example, thinking that such a radical change as it is to come back the caliphate prior to Mahdi (as) it may come in stages and, at the same time, in unexpected ways, in a way that will be unexpected by the enemies of Islam?

Why the suspicion? We just need to look at how clearly and bravely and wisely and truly has Hazrat Maulana Shaykh Nazim (qs) always been speaking throughout the years denouncing and unmasking all the treats and traps that the West wants to use to fool the Ummah. No one like him in this. No one like him when reminding also to the rulers of today Muslim countries about their duties and Sharia, and the evil of democracy and United Nations and to trust only in Allah and not in the West.

His words are clear, his position is clear and just a foolish person may think otherwise. We stand by Haqq and for the sake of Haqq we receive the news the proclamation of our future caliph insha'Allah with expectancy and our best intention, and our duas, as those who have a better knowledge have spoken about it and we need a khaliph to defeat the enemies of Haqq. And it if for the sake of the armies of Haqq and our trust in our unparalleled saintly Grandshaykh Maulana Nazim al Haqqani (qs) that we say: I give bayat!

Is it not obligatory to obey the Caliph? What kind of Muslims are we that completely absorbed by the western disdain for royalty and western democratic prejudice against obedience to the ruler may we dare to abstain from giving support to that key to the army of Haqq? The Caliph does not give orders in aqidah nor in fiqh issues, and his position is in itself valuable as a position and as a tool for the armies of Haqq that will gradually rise insha’Allah.

We are neither shias nor salafist takfirists and also not kawarijis to reject obedience to a Caliph based on personal things (that anyway we judge based on low understanding) and we are fully well aware of the borders and area and nature of the function of a caliph. And we know what a muslim caliphate has to be in order to be fully established in accordance to rules of Islam. Our shaykhs teach us clearly what is halal and what is haram and we also know that Mahdi (as) is coming and no one can change what Islam is.

We have heard of the big and accepted saying, too, that states that a Caliph –in his function, in the value of itself regarding the strength of the Ummah- is the shadow of Allah on the earth.

Let us join our hands in turning to Allah to show gratitude for the news and in duas for supporting what is to come and in having no fear of truth, and having no fear to trust in such a brilliant and unparalleled servant of Allah and defender of Haqq as Maulana Shaykh, may Allah grant him more and more and give us real humility.

If you are not able to consider things under these considerations, then acknowledge at least that there is nothing wrong on it refrain your mouths against attacking a wali of Allah.

It does not give you honor, and it may damage greatly the blessings that your shaykhs has received.

The minimun thing when considering this things as explained, is at least to abstain.

Otherwise, you will just speak out of ego and thinking that your knowledge is the highest one, yet above every knower may always be someone who knows more.

Don't act neither with pride nor with ignorance. Do not fall in the traps of shaytan, you that say that you are defending unity of Ahlus Sunnah.

Check thye following, in case you have not heard Hazrat Shaykh Nazim's teachings more clearly on these issues, it is just a grain to show you how much you are misjudging him and how fault you have by not reexamining your position.

You can check all the entries here:


Do not join out of ignorance or pride to the side of those attacking a noble servant of Allah, as every action of this kind always has an effect.

As you have gone in public in your attack, and you are called now to think better and to understand better, I am publishing this letter written to you, hoping that the crime of attacking and debasing a pious and extraodinary shaykh ceases. Otherwise, be warned, this crime will not go undetected by the love of Allah for such a person.

As salam alaikum

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Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

Wa alaikum salam

It seems that you choose to simply repeat your own words instead of taking time and breath to reflect upon what has been said to you.

It seems that you simply choose to answer me by copying and pasting a message you have in a facebook place. What a good behaviour and analysis it is and it reveals!

It seems that you simply did not even take the time, before continuing to claim wrong things against Maulana Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani (qs) in an undisturbed manner, to take a look at Shaykh Nazim and naqshbandi haqqani's teachings as proven and shown in:


Not only you do not understand the issues concerning khilapaht announcement as explained in my previous message, but in that same webpage you are giving the public the message that Shaykh Nazim is confusing Ummah by way of equaling Haqq with Batil. You are wrong. And if you continue with this, you will be simply cheating and lying.

So let me be a bit more specific on it, may be this time you properly choose to read a bit more instead of copying and pasting from a facebook message.






And regarding the division of Ummah in sects and the hadiz of the saved group, instead of making the people think that Maulana Shaykh Nazim is teaching something that he is simply not teaching, don't be lazy and read this before deciding if you continue lying about Shaykh Nazim:



Do you want more? Do you need more to open your eyes? Will you continue misjudging and lying about a noble sayyid and shaykh, descendant and lover also of Shaykh Abdulqadir al Jilani (qs), his own ancestor, such as Maulana Shayh Nazim totally, while remaining undisturbed and thinking that you are doing good?

Then take the time to hear the message he gave to Shaykh Habib Ali Jibri on the occasion of a big gathering of ulama in Amman, Jordan, regarding Ummah, divisions in Islam, clarity for halal and haram and Caliphate.

Hear his words, no shaykh speaks like him in these days, and do not be foolish hearing your own heads in this issue.


Did you counsel before to the public in your webpage that there may be some things that someone may not understand or judge wrong but it is only due to the limits in his head? Were you not the ones who said this specifically when acknowledging Shaykh Nazim as such a good and pure servant of Allah as he is?

Well then, this comes back to you, in line with all what was explained in my previous message.

And widen your very narrow understanding. What is that of stating: "Ahle Sunnah believe that anyone considering himself bigger than or equal to Ghousul Azam (ru) cannot be a Wali, and cannot even be Ahle Sunnah. He has lost the path of Sufia and gone astray (Gumrah). "

Hear then what Imam Ahmad Faruqi as Sirhindi (qs) said regarding this:

TRANSLATION OF LETTER 293 STARTS ————————————————————
Written towards Shaykh Muhammad Chatri.
In regards to the answers to those questions that he had asked. “I have a [special] time with Allah” has been stated in a Prophetic hadith, ‘alaihi wa ‘ala aalihis salatu was salam, and Abu Dhar Ghaffari, radzi Allahu ‘anhu, has also said likewise – what is the reason for that. And he had asked regarding Shaykh ‘Abdul Qadir Jeylani as stating, “This foot of mine is at the neck of every waliy of Allah” – what is the reality of this matter? And he had asked if the awliyaa on whose necks his (Shaykh ‘Abdul Qadir Jeylani’s) blessed foot lies, only pertains to those awliyaa who were present in his time, or if it refers in an absolute sense to ALL awliyaa.

In any case, the Eminent Shaykh [Al-Jeylani] is on the right in stating this, regardless if this statement was manifested due to a state of experiencing the peak of ecstatic spiritual sweetness or if he was instructed by the Almighty to say such. In any case, all the awliyaa of the time, were below his feet. But it should be known that this mandate is specific to the awliyaa of that time. The awliyaa before his eminence and after, are excluded from this mandate; as is known from the discourse of Shaykh Hammad that his [Shaykh 'Abdul Qadir's] foot shall be on the necks of the awliyaa of his [Shaykh 'Abdul Qadir's] time.
Furthermore, a ghawth was in Baghdad, and Shaykh ‘Abdul Qadir, Ibn Saqqa and ‘Abd-Allah went to visit him[3]. The noble ghawth said [to Saykh 'Abdul Qadir] on account of his firasah (spiritual acumen), “I see you sitting on a mimbar (pulpit) in Baghdad and you’re stating by your tongue ‘This foot of mine is on every waliy’s neck’ and I see all the awliyaa of your time put their necks forward in front of you in your respect and honor.”

One group of the murids of his eminence shaykh ‘Abdul Qadir, qaddasa sirrahu, exaggerates a lot in regards tothe shaykh, qaddasa sirrahu, and exceeds all bounds in love, as the claimants to the love of Sayyidina ‘Ali, karram Allahu wajhah, [the shi'a] have exceeded all bounds. By the talks of this group, such signs are expressed as if these people consider the shaykh, qaddasa sirrahu, as superior to all awliyaa before and after him, and as if they do not consider anyone other than the prophets, ‘alaihimus salatu wat tasliimaat, as superior to him. This is due to excess in love.

Source: http://iloveimamrabb...l-qadir-jilani/

And regarding you criticizing Shaykh Nazim due to women murids using veil not fully properly, how foolish is that. Tarbiyya is not an easy thing and unless you are masters in tarbiyya you rik to simply kill hearts instead of bringing slowly people by love to embody the sunnah. Yet our beloved Shaykh is always reminding murids and many are those who come and start the process of growth and no one can say he was not clear.

Just as an example, I quote:

"As for ladies ... A lady with the most beautiful face, if she digresses from this order and exposes her beauty in the streets [Mawlana acts out a woman showing off], she will return to her home very ugly.
She will be surprised, "What is this?". This is you! Then she will be ashamed to go out like that again.
Allah (jwa) orders the ladies to stay home:
Waqarna fee buyootikunna (33:33)
And abide in your houses.
Is this Arabic or Turkish, your Highness (Princess Aliyya of Jordan)? Isn't it mentioned in Arabic in the Holy Qur’an or is it not? What is this? Everyone is hanging around in the streets in markets, offices"

(Source: http://saltanat-tran..._en_Warning.pdf )

And when France was banning niqab, these were the words of Shaykh Nazim, for you to see his courage:

“(To Muslim countries): Why you are not sending an ultimatum to French government, (stating) you (French government) can’t interfere in our ladies dressing. If you are doing this (regulating the cultural dress of Muslim citizens), we are doing against your people to make them, anyone coming here, this dressing, European dressing people, can’t enter to Damascus, can’t enter to Egypt, can’t enter to Iran, can’t enter to Turkey! Why you (Muslim countries) are not doing, making this (ultimatum), why? You are not fearing from Allah?”

(Source: http://www.sufismus-...e.de/KeepSunnah )

As for kissing the hands and feet of a wali and shaykh, whay do you make of an issue where there is merely a difference of opinion in fiqh issues something as big as a reason to accuse him of being astray, astahgfirullah, how narrow and foolish is that.

Don't side with those who are enemies of Ahlus Sunnah:

"I was shocked once when a bangladeshi molvi from east london who holds the title of professor sometimes DR and sometimes principal, actually stated that he had never come across any hadith that actually showed any signs of this being practiced during the glorious era of the prophet ??? ???? ???? ? ??? and the blessed sahaba.
I emailed him of course with several hadith, a few of which are seen below:


Safwan ibn ‘Assal said, “A Jew said to his companion, ‘Let us go to this Prophet.’ So they went to the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and asked him about nine clear signs,” and he mentioned the hadith to its end. “They kissed his hand and feet and said, ‘We testify that you are a Prophet.’” [taken from Tirmidhi]

Imam Bukhari’s Adab Al-Mufrad,975.

Al-Wazi’ ibn ‘Amir said, “We came and were told, ‘That is the Messenger of Allah.’ We took his hands and feet and kissedthem.” Al-Mufrad,976….Suhayb said, “I saw ‘Ali kiss the hands and feet of al-’Abbas.
Abu Dawud : Book 41 : 5206

Narrated al-Wazi’ ibn Zari’:

Umm Aban, daughter of al-Wazi’ ibn Zari’, quoting his grandfather, who was a member of the deputation of AbdulQays, said: When we came to Medina, we raced to be first to dismount and kiss the hand and foot of the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him).

Then there are those (including a few of my tablighi mates) who even after being shown certain hadiths, they still can’t accept ..."

(Source: http://thesunnivoice...feet-of-elders/)

With more detail:


Or also:

From Imam Bukhari’s Adab al Mufrad:

973. ‘Abdu’r-Rahman ibn Razin said, “We passed by az-Zubda and were told, ‘There is Salama ibn al-Akwa’. I went to him and he greeted us. Then he brought out his hands and stated, ‘With these two hands I offered allegiance to the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.’ He held out his palm which was as huge as a camel’s foot, and we got up and kissed it.”

974. Anas was asked, “Did you touch the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, with your hand?” He replied, “Yes,” so they kissed it.

( Source: http://www.yursil.co...islamic-custom/)

Many more things could be done regarding your claims against Shaykh Nazim, you who say that you stand for unity of Ahlus Sunnah while at the same time behave now in certain ways similar to enemies of Ahlus Sunnah and who reharding the issue of Caliphate behave with attitudes similar in certain ways to the rejection based on personal things as deviated sects do and did, besides the fact that you simply show to be far-sighetd when it comes to such a thing.

You mention the hadith of the caliphate after tyranny as fully modeled upon Sharia and indeed it will be the case with Mahdi (as), yet who tells you that no caliph will come before him (as) or details of the period of the rising of Caliphate before him? I do not want to act at all as expert on ahadith yet as you seem to act like that just let me point you to the hadith in Sunan Adu Dawud of a disagreement that will occur after the death of a caliph ... In no way I am giving interpretation, I just let it to the hands of people with real high knowledge both internal and external and with real knoewledge of Akhir Zaman, which indeed is not for all even among ulama and shuyukh. Yet I point to that to show that quoting a single hadith leaves out another and silence regarding some issue in a hadith does not need to mean that something will not happen as it may be just a preparatory stage for what the hadith describes in the end.

You are so high knowers of ahadith yet you did not know of the ahadith of kissing hands and feet and it being a noble tradition regarding elders as attested since the time of Sahaba?

The extreme of reading with bad faith words of a noble shaykhs comes from your mouth in a dirty way when, just like so many squqare-head wahabis, you accuse Shaykh Nazim of proclaiming to be free from Sharia due to his age, astaghfirullah al adhim! Such low low manner to attack and at best, such ignorance and huge bad faith when hearing a simple phrase.

His 'swearing' is what we see many many times in videos, just like when he says Oh Tyrants, of people servants of shaytan, a curse is coming upon you, do not rebel or you all will die a bad death! Oh rejectors of faith, come and understand or a heavenly punishment awaits you! Oh people, leave ghaflat, wake up, before Azrael comes.

And the age-thing relates to the mercy associated to the wisdom that comes with the age (for a servant who tried his best for decades).

Yet so many times indeed he is the first example for us, his murids, showing continuous duas asking forgiveness of Allah, for all and for himself, and debasing himself and with such humility that astonishes.

He can swear all the day as such as indeed we are living a time when even those who supoosedly whould know and behave better in fact behave with no adab and letting their tongues to attack the clean life of a servant of Allah taking ways very close to those of the parties of Shaytan.

By making such commentary as you did regarding such words that are simply a way to speak and to associate friendly with listeners you show your incapability to understand more deep things, which shows in your rejection.

I end here by saying that I have gone public with my previous letter, and you failed to understand even a little bit. Do not defame and widen your understandings or at least shut up if you do not understand something that, as explained, is in any way contrary to Islam, just news of coming stages for the sake of the Flag of Islam at the end insha'Allah.

I have gone public (http://inspirations7...ization-of.html ), and I request that, if you say that you behave properly and insist to debase a shaykh, then publish my first letter, your previous copy-pasted answer and this last answer and do after that whatever you want.

I hope that your shaykh is not associated with these ridiculous claims against Shaykh Nazim, it would surprise me, but if after these two letters he gives support to your attitudes, then let him go to Cyprus to speak dare if he dares to do it or let him simply ask, when he receives that visit that you say he has received more than 100 times before, let him simply ask about Shaykh Nazim.

I am copying my friend who published my first letter and whom you are unjustly attacking on this issue, Jouhar Ali, so that of he thinks it is adequate, he can also publish a new entry with this second letter.

As salam alaikum

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