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Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

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In the photo: Sayyid Sahib us Sayf Sheikh Abdul Kerim Kibrisi, unafraid to speak Haqq no matter who may like it or not.

* * *

No more place to confussion coming from this pseudo-Mahdi so called Harun Yahya (adnan oktar).

Words of Haqq dennouncing Harun Yahya's fitna:

Some phrases from it: "it is not allowed to bring in innovation in Islam" "it is not even innovation, it is kufr", "do not lie to people about Shaykh Nazim", "you have a high level of intelligence, but because you have no shaykh, you shaykh is shaytan!" "Ptuhhh to Harun Yahya".

Harun Yahya's real shaykh:

Shaykh Abdul Kerim Effendi Hz. speaking on Harun Yahya's shaykh

The before video is a part from this sohbet:

Naqshbandi Haqqani warning about Harun Yahya

For everyone to see it clearly:

The Disco dancer pseudo-Mahdi and his groups of ... rabbits (Caution: Adnan oktar among unveiled undecent women dancing].

Thanks to Allah that Shaykh Abdul Kerim Kibrisi, Lion of Haqq, ottoman khaliphah of Maulana Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani (qs), has spoken so clearly about this impostor named adnan oktar.

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1 Comments On This Entry

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim.

I gather here come comments around this topic that may clarify insha'Allah many misunderstandings surrounding it.


For clarification purposes, it was adnan oktar (harun yahya) who attacked Sheykh
Abdul Kerim Effendi in turkish openly in his website -that thousands watch- with
derogatory words and insults.

It is Sheykh Abdul Kerim's right in Sharia to reply, and while he does not do
it, yet that person, adnan oktar has become increasingly a matter of very
serious fitna in Turkey, a matter he conceals when murids or representatives of
Shaykh Nazim visit him.

The reply itself speaks as to why Shaykh Abdul Kerim answered and the answer
contains words that no murid could deny if someone is seriously murid. His
answer was to address the fitna that adnan oktar is doing. It is a very serious
fitna, not a matter of joke at all, as shown some paragraphs below.

And there is no contradiction between Sheykh Abdul Kerim and Maulana Shaykh
Nazim at all, astaghfirullah, both of them are simply acting from different
Sharia sides and ways: one is making things clear after being attacked -he and
his people- cowardly and in such bad manner, and Maulana has words of kindness
to adnan oktar -as he does to many people- and is thanking for a medical gift,
yet at the same time, with the usual sublety and intelligence as that of our
Sultan, he is also making some points for adnan's people to think on it.

Frequently it may be Maulana's way to start giving last chances to wake up to a
beloved one through other means before having to do it himself.

As Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi said regarding the staff that was sent: be
careful, it is up to you if you'll behave in the condition to reply to such
honour or if you put yourself in the position that in some time from now you may
be hit with that staff.

If you want to understand, and if you have no prejudice against Sheykh Abdul
Kerim, one of the awliya in our noble tariqa with a strong connection with
Maulana, then you can hear the reply. Then you will not have second-hand
hearsays that out of somehting direct your attention to this, but you will hear
it by yourself:


Just search in youtube: Sohbet - Feb. 24, 2012 - "Warning about Harun Yahya
(Adnan Oktar)

And, as not everyone may have the energy to watch it and laziness many times has
effects on some of us -I am thinking not on you, whom I do not know, but in the
possibility after writing this in a forum that many different kind of people
visit-, for a very brief outlook here you have something of the fitna of adnan
oktar and explanations below:

(Caution: adnan oktar with seminude women publicly on his television programm
'for Islam')

As Sheykh Effendi said in the answer: you hide all those ... rabbits around you
when Bahauddin goes to visit you eh? Why? Hmmm.

As to adnan oktar very serious fitna, let me quote from another posts on it:


Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

As shown by Harin Yahya's own webpages, adnan oktar teaches:

- That Isa, as, already descended back to the earth - yes, it is FALSE.
- That Mahdi, as, will not be a Caliph of Islam, but just a moral and
intellectual leader of secular 'muslim' governments - this is FALSE.
- That Mahdi,as, will not wage war in the way of Allah, yet this is FALSE.
- That Mahdi will not appear in Mecca nor he will be in Madina Munawwara but
will always be in Istanbul - yest this is FALSE.
- That the system of Mahdi -which is not a Caliphate ruling with Shariatullah
but a confederation of secular governments posing as muslims as Turkey now- will
include the state of Israel - this is FALSE.
- That Mahdi's name will not be Muhammad - yet this is FALSE.
- That adnan himself speaks with jinns and receives information from them, yet
adnan does not have a shaykh so ... he is playing games for wich he is not
prepared at all.
- That shaytan Kemal Ataturk, who destroyed khilafat, and who admiteddly wanted
his own population to be christians if it were possible but at least not muslims
of sunnah, who drank alcohol, who ordered the killings of hundreds of good
muslims and dozens of ulamas and shaykhs -as admitted in his own notes- is none
else that 'Hazrat' Ataturk, hasha astaghfirullah. Calling wali a shaytan.
- He gives every weird explanation to ahadith on Mahdi to make Mahdi fit him and
make people think that he is Mahdi, la hawla wa la quqqata illa billah.

What a laymuslim can do for Islam is practicing it properly and believing
properly. A laymuslim should go to find a truthfull shaykh and start becoming a
better muslim.

Unlike adnan oktar, who no matter what words he has saying he loves shaykhs or
Shaykh Nazim, is going completely by himself, adjusting Islam to his own wishes
and agenda, making open friendship with jewish and freemasons and dancing with
semi-nude so called muslim women for everyone to see it 'in the name of da'wah'.

If somedoby realy knows, if he is authorized and admitted by those who already
know, that one may speak for Islam.

If someone is like adnan oktar, twisting everything, making up own
interpretations, taking shia hadiths whenever it fits to him, rejecting well
accepted sunni ahadith on Mahdi whenever it fits to him, then such person,
should repent and stay silent and start learning real Islam.


Another clarification:

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

As salam alaikum

A murid is someone who follows, not just one who loves. Harun Yahya's shaykh is
himself, and he is innovating things in a terrible way and no serious murid of
Shaykh Nazim may agree with those teachings contrary to clear and repeated
teachings of Maulana Shaykh Nazim.

Shaykh Nazim: 'Isa (as) will still come down from Heavens after Mahdi (as) comes
and after Dajjal comes, 'Isa (as) will come back full with Majesty with a sword
in his hand and trough the wongs of angels descending him - AO: Isa already
descended from Heavens and he himself does not know who he is yet.

Shaykh Nazim: Secularism is kufr - Adnan Oktar: Secularims is ok, it is the
Mahdi's system.

Shaykh Nazim: Ottomans will come back - AO: Ottomans will not come back.

Shaykh Nazim: Mahdi (as) will wage war for Islam and his sword will make
unbelievers tremble - AO: Mahdi will not drop a single drop of blood

Shaykh Nazim: Mahdi (as) is not in Turkey - AO: Mahdi is in Istambul

Shaykh Nazim: Mahdi's name is Muhammad - AO: No, the hadith does not mean so -in
fact, it could well be that his name is Adnan-

Shaykh Nazim: May the curse of Hell be upon him who is the responsible for
destroying Ottoman Caliphate, he made everything to become confused, he made the
ottomans to become turkish and the turkish to become outside of Islam [meaning,
the people with the ideas of such shaytan] [meaning clearly, as in many other
sohbets, Kemal Ataturk] - PseudoMahdi adnan oktar: Kemal Ataturk is Hazreti
Kemal, he was a wali, astaghfirullah.

Shaykh Nazim: Technology is evil and will come to an end - AO: Technologhy is
part os Mahdi's system and his way to preach in TV speaking about evolutionism
to people

Shaykh Nazim: Mahdi (as) will be Emir al Mu'minim, Caliph for whole Ummah, no
more nation states, no more nationalism, a single leader, as prescribed in
Shariatullah - AO the deluded pseudo Mahdi: Mahdi will not become a political
leader just a moral and intellectual leader of a coalition of muslim nation
states practicing secularism

Shaykh Nazim: Democracy is Batil, the jewish invention that shaytan used to
destroy our Ummah and put us in this condition, every Congress is cursed by
Heavens - AO: Democracy is in Islam, it is part of Mahdi's system

etc., etc.

Truth stands out by itself

Now, Shaykh Nazim's son visiting adnan oktar was to convey to his people the
zikr-illahi, it does not pressupose endorsing Adnan Oktar nor his deviant
teachings. Shaykh Nazim's ways to correct are many.


Regarding the recent words of Shaykh Nazim thanking adnan oktar due to the
medical treatment:

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

As salam alaikum

The swetness of Maulana Shaykh Nazim's nasiha to adnan hoja is unique to
Maulana, it is subtle yet clear, as anyone may clearly perceive the deviance
that adnan hoja is mizing within his good work. From Maulana Shaykh Nazim's same
message, the nasiha:

"Man's ego sometimes wants to set forth his own desires but one who knows
himself can distinguish between the inspiration, which is heavenly, and
Shaytan's whisperings, waswasa. When he distinguishes, he is saved. If he
follows the waswasa he is gone.

Therefore, if a person does not have someone who will hold his hand he can't
know where to go. Alhamdulillah, there is one who will hold his hand ..."

Notice the sublety here of the future, not present, tense.

Maulana Shaykh Nazim loves him as he is seeing his good part and adnan's love
for awliya, and as such Maulana has called many people 'my son', yet that love
still does not move adnan to be really a murid neither of Shaykh Nazim nor of
anyone else.

Right after the nasihat, which came preceeded by nice and affectionate words,
comes a first sign of alert for intelligent people and then a second one even
more clear with a third one confirming that his people must start looking at
things in a way that adnan himself is forgetting.

The first thing: Adnan teaches that one must look for Mahdi and that Maulana
Shaykh Nazim said that one must look for Mahdi, and adnan teaches that Mahdi
will appear in Istambul, but it comes in that message:

"(Is it needed to look for Mahdi [a]?)

He himself will come. For what should we look for him when He will look for us!"

"He will appear in Sham. There is an area in Sham, Qadam, a district on the way
to Hijaz. He (a) will say takbeer in Qadam and appear!"

The second thing:

"The moment he says takbeer, all firearms will stop operating and finish! He
will draw his sword."

It is a clear reference to the end of technology as we know now, as Shaykh
Maulana has said repeteadly troughtout the years, and a reference to jihad (al
qital). Yet adnan oktar teaches that Mahdi will use currnt technology, and he
also teaches that Mahdi will not shed a drop of blood, as all his conquests are
spiritual and intellectual only.

The third thing:

"Bosnian people, the real (descendants) of Ottomans will come to Istanbul. Have
no fear!"

It is again a hint to Shaykh Nazim's teachings that the Ottoman Caliphate will
be reestablished, yet adnan oktar teaches that no caliphate will come back, and
no ottomans will be again with us.

So, the words of praise and the words of good feeling come with a nasiha and
hints to their people as to hear some things that they are not hearing (in fact,
they are hearing the opposite).

No wonder that, when adnan oktar's people introduce this video in their
webpages, they cut all this part and they use just the words that fit to their
agenda to make it seem that Maulana is pointing to adnan oktar the pseudo-mahdo
as Mahdi himself.


You can go through dozens and dozens of pages of adnan oktar websites showing
all those deviances, and that idiot thing to suggest -contrary to Maulana- that
Mahdi's name could be well 'Adnan', not Muhammad, as explained in ahadith and
taught by Maulana.

What does adnan oktar do when it comes to the Bayat to King Abdullah?

In all his webpages, you will never find quoted a single statement of Shaykh
Nazim's sohbets on Caliphate, democracy, King Abdullah, or so many other things
that his webpages hide from their people, only to take gain of the popularity of
Maulana for his own agenda, with or withou adnan wanting or directing it to be
so. The matter itselfs is there. He just quotes frn here and there whatever
fits to his own ideas and promotion of himself.

Well, after the bayat, he publishes a new book insisting in his maked-up
personal Islam that so well fits zionist friends: the (secularist, democratic,
modernist, ataturkist) Islamic Union and Islam. Agains, not Caliphate, much
less King Abdullah II.

As for you being confused about Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi Hz., then you can
hear (with words from Maulana and many things from him):

On the Life and Mission of Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi

or you can simply think: alhamdulillah, he speaks clearly and never compromises
Maulana's teachings to please people no matter whoever they are.

Or at least: as I try not to interfere in Maulana's authority, I'd better also
not interfere on a Maulana's senior Caliph in his way to address things, may be
-think on this posibility- if there are murids who say that they have a string
rabita with Maulana, a senior Caliph has evem more and clear and unambiguous
rabitah and tasks from Maulana.

So many don't like him. What can I do? Nothing of what he spoke is baselees
but it is Haqq.

As we have heard, in Ahiz Zaman many times people will say that black is white
and white is black.

The other possibility, after being informed of all the deviance of adnan oktar,
is that we have face to say -I seek refuge in Allah-: he is trusworthy and very
spiritual, speaking on Haqq. But it is not so.

There are not two Haqqs, just one.

And Maulana's teachings, whether people linking it or not, are Haqq and one.

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