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Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

Some malfuzat of Maulana Shaykh Nazim (qs) concerning capitalism, democracy, communism, socialism and every modern ism against Shariatullah.

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* * *

Since 60 years I am urging people to believe in their Creator. We believe that all prophets came as messengers from Heaven. Everyone of them brought a message from Heaven. The Lord of Heavens asked mankind to live happily and peacefully. The first man was created in Paradise. The Lord of Heavens would have left them to live in Paradise forever, if satan, who was the first jealous one of all creation, had not wanted this high honour, which we have been given, for himself. When the Lord created us as his Deputies, satan was so angry and so jealous that he started chasing the first couple out of Peaceland, out of Paradise. This is why were thrown out. He will never let us be in peace. But the Lord of Heavens has sent 124 000 prophets, all of them with messages to guide people to a happy peaceful life. Satan wants people to fall into troubles, miseries and sufferings.

Unfortunately everything in our days from east to west and from north to south, is turning in the wrong direction, is running after satanic ideas. The Heavenly Message has been thrown away. People are listening to satan and are making 'isms', 'isms', 'isms': communism, capitalism, feminism, kamalism... all of them are false. They are against the Divine Message. These are satanic ideas, his representatives have introduced them to throw people into misery.

(From: Give your hand to charity, and your soul to your Lord) In the Book Pure Hearts, sohbet from 01.01.1997.

* * *

Since 70 years Muslims have left the foundation of Heavenly Rules and are trying to arrange their lives by following western 'isms': socialism, communism, capitalism, liberalism... How can a Muslim consider to lead their life without the guidance of the Holy Quran? Oh believers, you must be examples for this heedless Muslim world which has chosen to follow the western world! All solutions for the problems of the world today are in the Holy Quran. All doors are locked if people don't follow the Holy Commands.

From: A new century. In the book: Secret Desires. Words from 01.01.1996.

* * *

The best tidings, which give endless hope to believers is that Heavenly Knowledge will win. This was the century of atheism and materialism, but every 'ism' is false and not for the benefit of humanity. Within Divine Knowledge you cannot find any 'isms'. Only man-made productions are 'isms'; atheism, materialism, feminism, socialism, liberalism, capitalism, communism... These mind-productions cannot bring solutions for the problems of mankind. It is finished! That is reality. This production of mankind has brought us into the deepest chaos which no professor or statesman can solve, individually or commonly. They were given so much authority from the Lord of Heavens, but it is not enough to get out of this narrow path and dark tunnel.

The 21st century is approaching. What I am saying is not an empty hope or an idea. It is part of Heavenly Knowledge. It is certain. Within science you cannot have certainty, because every day a new theory is born, nothing stays the same. With the certainty of Heavens we know that this century will end with everything which it contains. The worst ideas will be buried, a new opening will come. May Allah bring it quickly, and grant us to be able to reach and see the victory of Heavens, and witness the Heavenly Kingdom established on earth, instead of the kingdom of satan. May we have bright enlightened days!

From The unknown soul of technology. In the book: Secret Desires. Words from 01.01.1996.

* * *

European countries, why have there been so many floods there for so many years now? Now something is coming. It is a sign of anger of the Lord of Heavens because Europeans are running after false ways and saying 'democracy', that is false. Saying 'humanism', that is of no reality.

Communism is worst. Socialism is worst. Capitalism is worst. Every 'ism' that is coming is making the Lord of Heavens angry with them, because Allah Almighty sent to them His Divine Rules to arrange the lives of mankind peacefully with pleasure, but they are sending them away. They are coming against the Lord's rules.

From his sohbet on 01.10.2002 from Cyprus.

* * *

Europeans still cannot recognise Muhammad* as being a prophet, as having been sent by the Lord of Heavens. They look all the way to Venus, but they cannot see the moon. There were so many prophets in the Old Testament and they are all recognised, but the one who is closest to our time and who is accepted by nearly 2 billion people all over the world, is not. What foolishness!

Everyone must be given their rights, Allah has given everybody rights. No-one should be harmed. Whoever harms should be taken away. Democracy lets everybody live freely, every devil can do as they want. If they do get caught, they are put into a hotel with breakfast lunch and dinner, and even tea-time. Is this justice? It is like taking a wolf who has just killed a man, put it in a cage, feed it for a year and then say that it has become a good wolf. You will release it, it will run out and kill the next. You will put it into the cage for a second time, this for two years, and you will probably say that it needs company, so you give it a wife too. After two years they are left to go out and continue their killing. Is this justice? That is the main trouble. Devils must be taken away from the community. As long as people are cheated by devils, there cannot be any peace on earth. People must ask for real justice.

Judaism has no more power even though all the mind-productions of justice were brought by them. All 'isms' were brought by Jews, because no-one can think as well as they can. But they failed. That is why they too are asking for the Messiah to come, because they too are fed up. They tried all the 'isms' they could; capitalism, socialism, communism, liberalism...

Christians, who are following those 'isms' too, are fed-up and also want Jesus to come back. Only Muslims seem to think that they are so important that they can arrange everything. But they are doing nothing.

It is important for every person who belongs to the human family to ask for real justice. This cannot be achieved under the ruling of parliaments. Parties can do new justice programmes, but it will lead nowhere. They all have to submit to the Scales of Heavenly Justice, then they will have justice.

From: Submit to the scales of heavenly justice. In the Book Secret Desires. 01.01.1996.

* * *

I spent a few days with people at a conference but nothing spiritually happened there because most of them belong to dead religions. They now try to impress each other with their clothes or with their speeches. But they don't have anything to give because they belong to dead religions. Why did the Europeans lose their real values? Because their beliefs have finished. There is no more spiritual power, neither in Christianity nor in Judaism. They are all just concentrating on this life and its enjoyments. Now they have to sell their churches. Why? Because people don't come anymore. With the synagogues it is the same. The people are not connected with their hearts to their beliefs.
If people do not have any beliefs, their character will not be good and they will not value things. That is why we are now trying, according to our capacity to reach the people who want to get back their stolen values. At the moment I am happy to see so many young people here and no fanatics, because in real Islam we do not have any fanaticism or terrorism or fundamentalism or liberalism or socialism or capitalism. Instead we have justice, respect, mercy and love. Without this the building of mankind cannot stand erect. That is why we must try to bring back justice, love, mery and respect. I am saying this as a summary. May Allah forgive us.

From: Shaykh Nazim meets Bosnian refugees In the Book: Power Oceans of Light. Italy. 01.11.1994.

* * *

First come the weapons factories, second the medicine and drugs factories, third petroleum, fourth cement... All this is in the hands of the mafia. There are seven or nine big mafia who are famous. No-one is able to stop them.

In this century every badness attacking humanity has spread from east to west, including the Islamic world. We are stepping into a new century. People are weak and without hope concerning their crisis. They do not know what they can do. Their minds have stopped. They may produce treatment to their drugs crisis or terrorism crisis, but without solving it. This is America, the biggest and most powerful station on earth, but they are showing their weakness in front of terrorism. Their most powerful technology cannot be used against it. Allah has caused the mind of man to stop. In which ever direction they run they see that the way is closed. Allah has only left one way open: His Way and His Rules! You must come to His Rules, or you will be finished. It doesn't matter if the whole of mankind will kill each other. They are punishing themselves by themselves.

Democracy, hypocrisy, Stalinism, communism, social-ism, capitalism... all is finished. Submit to Heavenly Rules and Heavenly Commands! 24 hours are enough. No need for 2 days, six months or one year, no! If this country would accept Heavenly Rules every economical crisis and terrorism of the whole world would be solved. Oh people, you must help! Allah says that if you help to stop evil, Allah will help you. If you don't care, you will get no Divine Help, no Heavenly Support. Try to help!

From: Hormones destroying our food. In the book Pure Hearts. 01.01.1997.

* * *

And it is so difficult to change people's mentality and minds, because when you say this, someone else is saying: 'No, why should I follow that one? I may think something also. That is his mentality and his mind production, but I have a
mind and mentality also, so I may do as he did. That one can't be; maybe no support for his ideas and he is going to vanish and finish. I have the power for this country in my hands. Therefore I may say and order, encourage people or force them to do as I am doing or as I am saying.' That is the only chance for those who do something without heavenly support through their mentalities and mind productions, the only chance for those who keep power in their hands. Therefore there are so many -isms, like Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, Kemalism, Liberalism, Feminism, Hayvanism, so many, because they have power. Through their power they force people to follow them. Even people hate those ideas, but they do by force, because they are slaves.

And that is a punishment from the Lord of Heavens for people, because they refused to be servants of the Lord Almighty Allah, so Allah makes them slaves for those devils. That is a punishment from the Lord of Heavens, who is putting on them some tyrants. Why tyrants are coming? Like the German tyrant Hitler, the Italian tyrant Mussolini, the Russian tyrants Trotzki, Stalin and Lenin? And other tyrants in Turkey, in Iraq, in Egypt, in Hijaz, in Yemen- everywhere Allah Almighty is sending on people tyrants. It is a punishment from Him, because people refused to be servants of the Lord, asking freedom, freedom, freedom. And that means freedom from religious commands or heavenly commands. They are asking to save themselves from all heavenly commands.


Now whole Dunya in our days is living in fear, and most people, 99% of the people, is living without any hope- they lost their hope. When a person looses hope, it means, he is like dead, his book is closed. Who is hopeless for tomorrow, he is finished. And after hopelessness fear is surrounding them from outside and rushing on their heart, so that they are going to be in the worst condition, and their life is going to be the life of Hell. If a person looses hope, it means he died and every cursing is on him.

To be hopeless is forbidden in Islam, and we say: 'Alhamdulillah- today is better than yesterday, tomorrow is better than today.' This hope may only be given through the Awliya, through their heavenly powers, and they may give to those, who believe in them and who come together around them. Like in the time of the Prophet; when the Sahabas were alone, they were fearing and hopeless, but when they were with the Prophet, they were full of hope, power and contentment.

And every time you may find his inheritors in the world now. All people are in need only the declaration of such a person, and him to reach to people with his spiritual power, to take away from them the darkness of their hopeless thinking about what is coming on them tomorrow.

From his sohbet on 03.01.2002 from Cyprus

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