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[left]Quran is the ultimate guiding source for Muslims. It is the word of Allah and for a Muslim it is the absolute beacon of light and guidance that only can lead to the truth and success. In it, Allah Almighty has mentioned the secrets and the explicit facts that humans need to know in order to find the path of righteousness and to know more...
[size="4"]Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim / In the Name of God, the All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate

I want to share this article with christians and seekers of the spiritual path who may be wondering about some roots of religious differences between Islam and Christianity, seeking a balanced oopinion free from hate and prejudices. It...

AkhariWaqt Me Kya Ronake Duniya Dekhon X2

[font="Calibri"]AbTou Bas Eik Hi Dhun, Ke Madina Dekhon...
[size="4"]A Best Tutor can't only be best just by mastering in Teaching but also must be expert in engaging the students in learning. His/Her communication skills and solving students problems make bigger difference than just teaching good A best teacher never stops his efforts when student's is giving no progress. A best teacher...

Where are the places you spend the most time? If you’re like the average person, you are probably thinking your desk at the office and your room at home. However, have you ever considered how much time you spend in the bathroom? If you live to be eighty, you will have likely spent at least three of those years in the bathroom,...
Obtain your share of Barakah (Blessings)

CTIEC - Cape Town Islamic Educational Centre Invites You To Attend The Sha’r Mubarak Ziyaarah. You will Have The Opportunity to View The Blessed Hair Of Nabi Muhammed (SAW) on Thursday 23 Jan 2014 After Maghrib @...
Australia Vacation – Walk on the Wild Side!

Travel is great isn’t it? And when you get home you organize all your pictures and souvenirs. And you think, “wouldn’t it be great if I could find a beautiful Australian Flag to remember my vacation by that doesn’t cost too much to add to my whole vacation experience?” Now, for...


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The real enjoyment of life.

Some people think that if you become pious you can't 'enjoy' life as you will be 'restricted'.

The reality is that by becoming servants of the creator you are on the path of becoming the master of the creation (dunya).

When someone becomes the servant of Allah, he is being freed from the ...

Huda Academy

As salaamu 'alaykum

Huda TV has now launched Huda Academy. Huda Academy is an Islamic Studies website where you will find FREE courses as well as certificate courses all recorded in high quality format. Ma sha Allah, I don't think it is anything like it on the internet. You be the judge...

Here is the link for <a...


Now please before you start reading,tell yourself you will be honest,and trustworthy to yourself.Take a few minutes,and think about this,Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h was the leader.He had a daughter,bibi Fatima a.s,she was married to Imam Ali a.s.That makes Imam Ali a.s his son in law,and bibi Fatima's husband. So as him Imam Ali having a...
Astronomical facts related to the moon sighting issue can be described as follows:
(1) Earth, Moon and Sun move in their respective orbits and when all three are in a straight line with Moon in the middle, the state is called “conjugation” or Moon birth. At this stage, the...
The Muslim society (Ummah) is divided on the issue of replacing the Islamic criteria of authenticating the beginning of the new month by sighting the Hilal on the eve of 30th night (Islamic month starts from the Sunset) locally, with a method of calculation based on the conjugation calculations for the global declaration. The reason for the divide...
Eid is near and I'm sharing you some unique and lovely quotes to send on thie Eid ul Fitr

Wishing U All a Sweet Eid,
And Praying That Everything
U Wish For, Will Be Yours
Throughout The Year.

Eid Mubarak Wishes


Exactly a year ago we saw a clash between knowledge and ignorance.
A clash between an established Scholar...
Urs Shareef of Hazrat Pir Baba R.A. is celebrated from 24th to 26th RAJAB Islamic calender month every year, calculated according to the Islamic year (which has 355 days).
In the heart of Pir Baba valley lies the beautiful mausoleum of Hazarat Pir Baba R.A. along with his son Hazarat Syed Habib Shah Termezi R.A. (who was un-married) where people...
Assalamoalaikum wrwb !!!!!

URS SHARIFF OF HAZARAT SYED AINULLAH SHAH SAFVI URF NAEMULLAH SHAH R.A. was celebrated after magrib on 22nd May 2012 at 97A Dargah Shariff , Off Swadeshi Mill Road , Chunabhatti Sion Mumbai 400022 under the blessings of SYED EHSAN SHAH SAFVI URF JAMI Shajjada Nashin. It was graced by a large number...
Importance of seeking knowledge

And We illustrate these examples for mankind; and none except the knowledgeable understand them. [Quran sharif 29:43]

Jamia Tirmidhi
hadith number

Sayyidina Abu Umamah Bahili...

Targeting Iran

[size="3"][font="Trebuchet MS"][color="#000080"]

By Ghali Hassan
Axis of Logic exclusive
Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012

In addition to sanctions and a series of state-sponsored acts of terrorism and sabotage directed against the people and the nation of Iran, the U.S. and Israel are threating Iran with unprovoked...
To celebrate the Eid Meelaad un Nabee is to celebrate Islaam.
The Holy Prophet
[Sallal Laahu 'Alaiehi Wa Sallam]
Is the symbol of Islaam His arrival heralded a new era,
Rabi'ul-Awwal is the most significant month in the Islaamic history, because humanity has been blessed in this month by the birth...

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