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The Significance of the Turban

Posted 04 December 2005 - 02:59 PM (#1) User is offline   Ghulam_Attar 

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(1)-- “O Children of Adam! wear your beautiful apparel at every time and place of prayer: eat and drink: But waste not by excess, for God loveth not the wasters.” (7: 31) (Surah Al A’raf – The Height)

(2)-- “So take what the Apostle assigns to you, and deny yourselves that which he withholds from you. And fear God; for God is strict in Punishment. (59:7) (Surah AlHashr The Mustering)


>> The Prophet Muhammad ALWAYS placed turban on top of his cap.<<

(1)On the authority of Ibn `Umar who said that Rasulullah said "Whosoever resembles a people in appearance, he is one of them." (Abu Dawoo’d)

(2)"He who does not follow my sunnah is not from me (not one of my followers)." (Buk’hari)

(3) "He who loves my sunnah, he loves me and the one who loves me will be with me in paradise." (Tirmidhi)


"The person who revives my sunnah in the time of corruption, will receive the reward of 100 martyrs” (Baiqa’i)


(1)"Make a practice of tying Turbans since it is a hallmark of the angels." (Mishkat and Baihaqi)

(2)Prophet Muhammad pointed towards the Imama Sharif and said : ‘The crown of the angels are like these’ (Ibne Shazan)

(3)Whenever Hazrae Jibraile Ameen would come to the beloved Prophet , either during revelation or in the form of human being, he would always come with the Turban. (Mustadrak Haakim vol34 pg#540, Sahih Hadith)

(1)“The distinction between us and the polytheists is the turbans over our caps.” (Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi)

(2) "The turban is the honour of a Mu'min and represents the dignity of the Arabs. When the Arabs will stop wearing the turban, their dignitywill be lost" (Da’lmi)

(3) Ibn Abbas reports that Rasulullah said "Adopt the Turban as it will increase your Hilm ( good character, intelligence, patience, forbearance)." (Haa’kim, Fathul Baari and Tabr’ani)

(1)’Two Rakah of Salah with the Imama Sharif is 70 times greater than Two rakah of Salah without the Imama sharif. ’ (Musande Al Firdous)

(2)”There is no denying of the fact that with a turban (during Salah), the reward is increased." (Fatâwa Rashidia Pg.326)


Though, a great Majority of the companions, wali uAllahs (saints) and tabiyaan did tied turban on top of their cap, however, distinctive evidence of particular pious people are found, there:

(1)Shaikh-ul-hadith Zakarriya Khandalwi (Rahimahullah) "The tying of the Turban is a "Sunnate Mustamirrah" [(Prepetually adhered to the practice of Rasulullah ] and Rasulullah has enjoined the tying of the turban upon us. [‘Khasâil-e-Nabawi’ (commentary of Shamâil Tirmizi):]

(2)In Vol.2 Pg.577 bukhari, proof that Hadhrat Abdullah bin Ateek had a turban is found, Similarly Ibid Vol.8 pg 235, mention of the fact that Amir ul Mu’minoon Hazrate Ali had a black turban is found. Various books narrating the tragedy of Karbala, have cited that the Leader of the Youth of Paradise Imam Hussain had his head covered with turban during his fight in Karbala; It is also narrated that Imam Hussain bid farewell to his beloved son Ali Akbar for the battlefield by tying the blessed turban of Prophet Muhammad(saws) on his head. It is mentioned in FathulBaari pg #491 that Imaam Bukhari and Imaam Muslim, [the great Muhaddis (Scholar of Hadith)] both wore Turbans

(3)According to Imame Ahle Sunnat Mufti Maulana Shah Ahmed Raza Khan, tying turban is Sunnate Lazimah, according to Amire Dawate Islami Maulana Ilyas Attar Qadri, it is Sunnate Lazima, sunnate daima and sunnate Mut’watera. (Bayan#22, Maktabatul Madina and Fatwae Rizwiya)

(4)”Keep the turban like your friend and you will gain respect, and when Shaityan will see you(in this state), he would turn his back on you” Hazrat Abdullah ibn Umar advise to his son Hazrat Salim ibn Abdullah


The Primary matter of concern in this regard is that, that a person ties a turban, whereas the colour is of secondary significance. However, mention of the colour used by the beloved Prophet have been mentioned in Hadiths.

Hazrat Anas reported that the dress most pleasing to the Prophet for use was green coloured robe. (Bukhari and Muslim)

Hadhrat Huraith reports that Nabi addressed the people while wearing a black turban (Sahih Muslim Vol.1 Pg.439)

He like green clothes , but would often be dressed in white clothes. (Makasha Fatul Quloob, Imam Ghazzali, Chap#86)

Therefore, the scholars have mentioned four colours, as being Sunnah for the colour of the turban from various books, these being: 1)White 2)Green 3)Black 4)Light Brown (with yellow shade).

And the sunnat of Amire Ahle Sunnat, Mujadide Deeno Millat is to wear the Green Turban
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Posted 04 December 2005 - 07:22 PM (#2) User is offline   Mohammed-Haleem 

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Reminds me of the old days!

Yanabi.com 4 LyF
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Posted 08 December 2005 - 09:59 AM (#3) Guest_Ali Al-Hadi_*

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The Turban/Imamah in light of hadith sharif
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Posted 08 December 2005 - 10:49 AM (#4) User is offline   nusratg 

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As-Salaam-O-Alaikum, Can someone please provide information on how to tie a turban. What should be the length of the cloth and what material of the turban is permissible. Jazakallah Khairun
Nusrat Ali

Posted 01 January 2006 - 04:51 PM (#5) User is offline   Saghe-dargaahe-Jilani 

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JazakAllahu Khayrun!

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Posted 30 May 2006 - 06:32 PM (#6) User is offline   QadriAttari786 

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In current times, the green turban (imama sharif) has become a symbol of the Ahle Sunnah. When someone wears a green imama, we automatically know that this person is from the Ahle Sunnah. Ahle Sunnah people also wear black, white, and brown imama, but for black and white you do not know automatically whether the person is Ahle Sunnah or not because many different types of people wear black and white imama sharif. ALHAMDULILLAH AZZAWAJJAL green imam has become a symbol of sunniat in this current time.
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Posted 30 May 2006 - 08:01 PM (#7) User is offline   Zarb-e-Haidari 

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It is well known fact that the Holy Prophet most often wore a black turban. Colour is important because we should like that which was liked by them. There is more proof infavour for the black than any other colour.

Green today is being used to identify the followers of Amire Dawate Islami Maulana Ilyas Attar Qadri. In history no colour has been associated with Ahle-Sunnah wal Jammah. Moulana Saeed Asad Moulana Shah Ahmad Noorani Moulana Turab ul Haq Moulana Pir Syed Zahid Hussain Shah Sahib Moulana Moulana Habeeb ur Rahman and many many others have chosen the black turban and they are without any doubt pure Sunni..

No-one has the right to make one particular colour more important than which was often chosen by Rasool Allah .

The most important dates in the Holy life of our beloved Holy Prophet were conducted wearing a black turban. Other colours were used only a few times in  their life.

For those that think that the black turban is associated with the Shias well most Shias dont even cover their heads during prayers. Secondly their alims wear black and white not just black. Their turbans do not have the ends hanging between the shoulder blades nor they wear any hats under their turbans. Wearing a hat under a turban is important as a hatless turban was never worn by the Holy Prophet


One must affirm that there can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that each and every act (Sunnah) of our beloved Nabi  is considered supreme and well worthy of emulation by a true believer and follower of his esteemed lifestyle.

In fact, a true lover of Beloved Nabi  would be prepared to give his life for the practical preservation of even one Sunnah.  Such is the overwhelming thirst for emulation present in a true Ummati that it does not matter to him whether the Sunnah is connected to Ibadat (the manner in which the beloved prophet  carried out the various acts of worship) or whether the Sunnah pertains to his habit or lifestyle (the manner of his speech, manner of walking, eating, dressing etc.)

As long as it can be ascertained that our Beloved  did it, then a true Aashiq-e-Rasool (lover of prophet  will go to any lengths to bring it into his life.

At this point, one must realise that in order to cultivate such adherence, it would be of fundamental necessity that we exhaust ourselves in searching for his Sunnats and then to the extent of our ability attempt to practically adopt them into our lives.

Furthermore, we should note that it would be the dictates of devotion that those Sunnats which we perceive difficult and are unable to inculcate should be a source of immense grief and distress to us. The divine remuneration for such adherence is absolutely tremendous and beyond our wildest dreams.

Hadiths on turbans

Hazrat Mughaira ibn Sho'ba  reports that the beloved prophet  performed wudu and made Masah of the front portion of his head as well as of his turban and leather socks.
(Bukhari Shareef Vol.1 Pg. 33)

Hazrat Hurayrah  reports that the beloved Nabi  addressed the people while wearing a black turban. (Muslim Shareef Vol. 1 Pg. 134)

Hazrat Jaabir  reports that on the occasion of Fath-e-Makkah (The Conquest of Makkah),  the beloved  entered Makkah Mukarramah while wearing a black turban.
(Shamaail Tirmizi Pg 8; Ibn Majah Pg.256)

Hazrat Ibn Abbas  reports that during the illness just prior to his passing away, Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) addressed the Sahaba while wearing a black turban
(Muslim Vol.1 Pg. 439; Tirmizi Vol.1 Pg 304; lbnMajah Pg. 256)

Hazrat Abu Saeed Khudri  narrates: " It was the practice of  the beloved that whenever he wore a new item of clothing, he would (first) take the name of it. i.e. turban or Kurta or Chaadar (cloak). Thereafter, he would make the following dua - "O Allah, I am indeed grateful to You for this clothing which You have granted me. I beg of You the virtue of it and the benefit for which it was made. I seek protection in You from its harm and from the evil which it was created for

Hazrat Huraith  narrates that he saw the beloved  standing on the pulpit while he had on a black turban. Both the loose ends of the turban were hanging between his shoulder blades.
(Muslim Vol.1 Pg. 490; Ibn Abi Shaibah Vol.8, Pg.239, Ibn Majah Pg. 256,  Pg.653)
Hazrat Ayesha  narrates that once a person riding a Turkish horse (a particular breed of horse) came to the beloved   The rider had on a  turban, the tail of which hung between his shoulders. She questioned  concerning him. The beloved   expressed surprise over the fact that she had seen the rider and informed her that it was Jibraeel                                                                                                                                                       

 Hazrat Ayesha  narrates that the beloved  tied on the turban of Hazrat Abdur Rahmaan Ibn Auf  and allowed for a tail the length of four fingers. He said: "When I ascended to the sky (reference to the Meraj), I saw that most of the angels had on turbans"

Hazrat Ubadah  reports that the prophet  said: "Make a practice of tying turbans since it is a hallmark of the Angels. Futhermore, tie them in such a manner that the tail hangs at the back".
(Baihaqi reported it in Shu'abul Iman; Mishkat Pg. 377)

Adopt the turban as it will increase your forebearance. Hold fast to the turban as it is the sign of the angels. Also let the loose end hang from the back (Baihaqi has reported this from Hazrat Ibn Abbas  marffoo'an (a narration in which the words of the beloved  are reported).  

.The reward of the Salah performed while wearing the turban is multiplied 25 times while (Dailami has reported this in his Musnad from Hazrat  Ibn Urnar  The angels attend the Jumu'ah while wearing turbans.  Hence, those people who are wearing turbans receive the benefit that the angels make dua for them till sunset.                                                                                                                                              
The Jumu'ah performed while wearing a turban is 70 times superior to a Jumu'ah without a turban.
 (Dailami hadiths)
Some of Allah Ta'ala's angels stand at the door of the Masjid and seek repentance on behalf
of those wearing white turban
s.      (Dailami hadith )28

Narrated from Hazrat Ibn Umar  and Hazrat Abu Hurairah  Two rakaats of Salah performed while wearing the turban are superior to seventy rakaats performed without a turban.

(Narrated by Hazrat Jaabir  Allah Ta'ala causes his mercy to decend on the people wearing turbans on the day of Jumu'ah and his angels make dua for such people.

(Dailami reports from Hazrat Abu Darda  The turban distinguishes the Muslim from the Mushriks.
(Narrated from Ali Radiallahu Anhu) Wearing turbans over one's topees distinguishes us from the Mushrikeen.

(Narrated from Rukana  Sakhawi - pg. 466)

It is perhaps due to these very narrations that the Fuqaha (Islamic Jurists) have accepted the fact that the remuneration of the salaah performed while wearing a turban is greater than one performed without it. (Kabiri pg. 214,

The reason is that the common factor in the purport of all these narrations is an increase in reward.
It is reported from Hazrat Sa'eed Ibn Jubair  that when Jibraeel   came down to punish Firoun (Pharaoh), he had on a black turban.
(Ibne Abi Shaibah vol. 8 pg. 326)
(Radul Muhtaar from Tahtawi)

Prayer offered wearing an turban is seventy times more excellent than that offered without. (Ihya Uloom ud Deen
'Imaam al Ghazaali)

Ulema and muhaddiths and awliya have stated the length was between  at times 7 yards, sometimes eleven and sometimes 13 yards of material..

Jazak Allah Khairan
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Ali (as) e Imam e manasto manum ghulaam e Ali (as)

Posted 31 May 2006 - 08:56 PM (#8) Guest_Mystic_*

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Mashallah nice response brother Syed Hasnain Qadri. Its good to see your post on Yanabi again.
You have posted a great article on the significance of the colour black. It is correct that RasoolAllah (pbuh) wore a black turban, and most of the Ahlul bayt (as) wore black too. However, RasoolAllah (pbuh) also wore a green turban too a few times. In fact in museum in Pakistan you can find RasoolALlah (pbuh) green turban kept there.
Here is a pic of it.

However i have read about the significance of green in history too. I believe it was during the rule of Mamoon Rasheed. When he allowed Imam Ali Al Rida (as) to be his advisor, Imam Ali Al Rida (as) told him to change the government colour from black to green. Therefore, green has played its significance in history of Islam. The facts are written down in this history book i have, but we might need a scholar to in order to give its interpretations.

For those that think that the black turban is associated with the Shias well most Shias dont even cover their heads during prayers. Secondly their alims wear black and white not just black. Their turbans do not have the ends hanging between the shoulder blades nor they wear any hats under their turbans. Wearing a hat under a turban is important as a hatless turban was never worn by the Holy Prophet
I believe the black turban in the 12rs aqeeda signifies that they are syeds and the white signifies that they are non syeds. I would personally wear black to get more Kums . On top of that their major ayatollahs don't even respect their turbans that much. When they do mattam by abusing themselves their turbans usually tend to fly off.

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Posted 29 June 2006 - 01:25 PM (#9) User is offline   naeem_s 

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Sunna of the Turban by Shaykh Gibril Haddad
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Posted 07 July 2006 - 04:56 AM (#10) User is offline   QadriAttari786 

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No one has ever said that someone who does not wear an imama sharif or does not wear a green imama sharif is not Ahle Sunnah.

However, if someone says that wearing a green imama sharif has no basis in sunnah, then such a statement would be incorrect.

Black, white, green imama are all proven from the sunnah. Black or white imama sharif may have been worn more frequently by the Sweet Madani Prophet sallalaho alayhi wa aalihi wassalam, but that does not exclude green imama sharif from also being a sunnah.

Posted 10 November 2006 - 04:25 AM (#11) User is offline   Chisti-Lover 

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The Orange colour is worn by the Chisiti's and the Ashrafi's and the colour Orange has its significance in Islam and Sufism
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Posted 13 November 2006 - 05:42 PM (#12) User is offline   Light-on-Your-Face 

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simple...our beloved wears it...
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Posted 13 May 2007 - 12:12 AM (#13) User is offline   Ghulam_Attar 

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The Turban tradition in Islam - Brunei Times - Sheikh Gabriel Haddad

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