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Sheikh Edebali's Advice To Osman The Ghazi

Posted 30 August 2012 - 12:23 AM (#1) User is offline   Mudassar-Rana 

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Magical words of advice from a true scholar to a true leader. Na rahay aisay sheikh na rahay aise ghaazi.


(Sheikh Edebali accepted Osman, who was a very dynamic young man, as a student and helped him gain the taste of knowing Allah (marifatullah). Through their associati
on, the young Osman cultivated such mature moral qualities as altruism and modesty, thus helping to prepare him to become the founder of a world state. From this perspective, the actual founder of the Ottoman state is Sheikh Edebali. Since the other tribes did not have someone like Sheikh Edebali, they were unable to develop. Yet, the Ottomans expanded quickly to become a state and then to become a world empire controlling the majority of the known lands at that time. Worldwide they represented Islam for six centuries and for the duration of this time were active in the distribution of justice.)

Sheikh Edebali gave to Osman Ghazi, the founder of the Ottoman state, and by logical extension to all future leaders the following advice:

“O my son!
You are the ruler! We are the subjects! Anger is ours; patience is yours… Our hearts will be broken, and you will repair them but not vice versa… Accusation belongs to us; endurance belongs to you… Impotence and errors are ours; tolerance is yours… Disharmony, conflict, disagreement, and misunderstanding are ours; justice is yours… A negative approach, bad words, and unjust interpretation are ours; forgiveness is yours…

O my son!
From now on, division is ours, reuniting is yours… Laziness is ours, motivating, warning and reforming are yours…

O my son!
Your burden is heavy; your work is difficult; and your power is tied to you only with a single thread of hair… May Allah be your helper and bless your state. May he make you beneficial in the path of Allah. May He make your light bright. May he let your light reach remote lands. May He give you power to easily shoulder your burden; may He give you reason and heart to protect you from going astray from the right path.

We should work for the realization of what Allah has promised us. You and your friends should clear the path with your swords; while dervishes like us clear it with ideas, advice, and prayers. We should clear the obstacles on the path to help people see the truth.

Patience is extremely important. A ruler must know how to be patient. A flower does not bloom before the due time. An unripe fruit cannot be eaten; even if it is eaten, it cannot be swallowed. A sword without knowledge is like an unripe fruit.

Let your people live with their knowledge. Do not turn your back to knowledge. Always feel the importance of its existence. What preserves both the ruler and the subjects is knowledge.

The greatest triumph is to know the ego (nafs). The enemy is the person himself. The friend is the very person who knows his ego.

The country is not the common property of the ruler, his sons, and brothers. The country belongs only to the ruler. After he dies, the rule belongs to the one who replaces him. Our erroneous ancestors made the mistake of dividing their land in their lifetime to their sons and brothers. Consequently, they could not survive; nor could they let others survive.

When one sits, he cannot easily move. Without motion, he becomes sluggish. When he is sluggish, he begins idle talk that eventually turns into gossip. When gossip begins, there is no salvation… A friend becomes an enemy; and an enemy becomes a dragon.

Blood must not be shed in vain. It needs a path and direction… because blood is not used to water the land.

The power of a person vanishes one day but his knowledge survives. The light of knowledge can penetrate even closed eyes and can bestow upon them a clear view.

When a horse dies, its saddle remains; when a person dies, the fruits of his work remain. Do not cry for those who departure from this world, but cry rather for those who departure from it without leaving anything behind them. When one departs, his legacy should be maintained from the point where he left.

I do not like war. I despise shedding blood. Yet I also know that the sword must inevitably be waved. But the purpose in waving it must be to preserve life rather than to kill. In particular, it is a crime if one uses a sword against another person. The ruler is not above the country; a war must not exist just for the sake of the ruler.

We have no right to rest because time is not a luxury. Our time is limited…

The feeling of loneliness is for cowards… If a farmer knows the time to sow the seed, he does not need to ask anyone else even if he is alone… It is sufficient for him to know that the soil is ready…

Love should be the essence of the cause. Love is in silence. Shouting makes love impossible. Being seen makes love impossible. Those who do not know their past will not be able to discover their future.

Osman! Learn your history well so that you step forward securely.

Do not forget your origin so that you can remember your destination…
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my brothers are those who will believe in me, without having seen me.” [Ahmad, Musnad]

Jaag Muslmaan Jaag Muslmaan ... kitna naacho gai ghairon ki dhun par?Jis ummat mein rab ne sher paida kiye aaj wohi gheedar ka libaas apna muqaddar samjh bethi

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