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Tafarak-e-Islam Maudoodi

Posted 03 August 2005 - 12:26 AM (#1) User is offline   Secular-Revolution 

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Assalam Alaikum,

I'm watching this programme "Capital Talk" on GEO as I write this in which some random schoalrs have been invited and one of them keeps mentioning names of recent Deobandi scholars but in particular, keeps repeating Maudoodi's name and addresses him as:

Mufakir e Islam Abul Ala........and all that.

What newspaper column articles did Maudoodi write to make him elligible for that title?

A more appropriate title in my opinion is Tafarak-e-Islam and Gustakh-e-Kul. He's committed blasphemy in the excellence of everybody from sahaba upto Prophets.

Yet not many people are aware of this shaitaan who wanted himself to be called the Mahdi.

Kaabay Kis Mun Se Jao Ge SR!
Sharam Tum Ko Magar Nahin Aati

The difference between the Mullah and Satan is that the latter is not a hypocrite!
[Secular Revolution - the artist formerly known as Sunni Revolution]

Posted 03 August 2005 - 01:23 AM (#2) User is offline   Qadri-Jilani 

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very funny:

Tafarak-e-Islam and Ghustakh-e-Kul

imaginitive indeed!


jarahat al-sinani laha'l-tiyamu ma yaltamu jarahat al-lisani
ei biradar chu 'aqibat khakast, khaak shawesh az ankei khaak shawee
apni millat par qiyas aqwam-e-maghrib sei na kar, khas hei tarkeeb mein qawm-e-Rasool-e-Hashmi

Posted 03 August 2005 - 10:04 AM (#3) User is offline   LuayBehzad 

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asslamo 'alaikum wa rehmatAllah

About the organization of jamate islami:

There are far more bigger bad apples. Far Far more bigger bad apples doing much damage to Islam even after reaching old ages and even today deviating millions of innocent ignorant Muslims.

Shaykh Maududi was on a pan-Islamic level. Others are on their local levels, within their own formed communities even in Sunnis today. This is how the design of Allah azza wajal works.

Imam Ibn al Jawzi raDiAllah 'anhu says that above 50 begins the age of seniority when the testing becomes the harshest.

This then increases extraordinarily and harshly when the age rises above 70 and the person is still a slave of his nafs and gives into anger.

A teacher who gives into anger, is driven by anger, speaks with anger, keeps an angry face, shouts and ridicule will surely pass on these traits to his students and this would then go on through the ages and so you see Jamate Islami and its heads doing the same thing, for example as gangsters in Karachi Universities.

The situation is worsened if other tiny diseases like boasting of oneself, and the use of the word "I" is seen in his language. This is often excused as being "emotional" when it comes to defending Islam or one's views.

One can imagine the emotion of our Master the 2nd of the 4 Khulafa al Rashideen
Sayyidina Umar bin Khattab al Farooq that it was really something else, for that is the anger that we all desire.

This is a disease of the human heart to which even the best known 'ulama in Sunnis now adays are not immune to . It is one of the reasons behind disunity.

Haq Abu Bakr

Service to mankind

Ya RasulAllah al Madad

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