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some thing to think about

Posted 30 May 2010 - 01:26 AM (#1) User is offline   faizaneattar26 

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salam. hope all are well. i have a concern and dont know how to deal with it. my concern is that we sunni are alhamdulillah on the right path, but when it comes to educating our youth we are a big flop. we have really big beautiful masjids but for 5 daily prayers some masjids have 5 people. jumma time the masjids are packed. where are we going wrong. if u look at others they have a very good madrassa output compared to our. why dont we sunnis pay some attention to tarbiyat and educate our youth today so they can take over tomorrow. the way it is going, like the christians have sold they churches, we might end up selling our masjids. what has to be done to get out of this bad habit?
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Posted 09 August 2010 - 07:20 PM (#2) User is offline   shez1983 

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it is because our sunni parents have not been active in the religion sense.. They havent even been active in the other sense either (hence muslims, mostly pakis and bangalis' GCSE rate is lower than black and indians/hindus..)

So now we dont care for the religion.. We would rather watch TV, sports.. or go out and play football but oh no not go to mosque.

Another thing is that we dont have that many "classes" happening... In my local mosques, because of the initiative by some youths, we have two classes going.. but youngsters dont want to come.... and the funny thing is because of some people disliking the teacher, they want to stop the classes..   to these I say WELL DONE.. because you are:

1. bringing politics into your deen
2. stopping handful of people who want to learn deen
3. and if we stop coming to classes.. what will we do? watch TV, games etc.. is that what u really want?

Instead you should be bringing your own kids to the classes so at least we have basics of sunni instilled so that a wahabi cannot convert us easily..

it is a real pity that us sunni youths are lacking in this and I fear when the current (old) generation dies.. We will not be able to work/spend time on our deen..
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