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A Response to Sikhs on Prophet Muhammad's (sawas) marriage with Bibi Ayesha (ra)

Posted 10 April 2010 - 05:07 AM (#1) Guest_Mystic_*

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A Response to Sikhs on Prophet Muhammad's (sawas) marriage with Bibi Ayesha (ra)
Its seems like many Sikhs have allied themselves with the secular nations when it comes to area Prophet Muhammad's (sawas) marriage with Bibi Ayesha. Sikhs have always been hearing stories in their Guruwaras about how some Muslims rulers tortured their Gurus 3-400 years ago, so in retaliation they believe it is ethical to attack Prophet Muhammad's (sawas) marriage decisions. What Sikhs need to realize is the Mugal's injustice in India had nothing to do with Islam. The Mugal's ancestors came from Mongolia and under Genghis Khan they invaded Iraq. During their invasion they killed 2.2 million Sunni Muslims and later they accepted Islam. When these Mongols accepted Islam they still were not considered Islamic rulers. If we look at Sikh history the Sikhs Guru disagreed with many of Islam's concept which is fine. However, never in history have these Sikh Gurus attacked Islam for Prophet Muhammad's (sawas) decision to marry to Bibi Ayesha(ra). To those Sikhs who believe it is appropriate to attack Islam in this area what do they have to say to historical information regarding similar incidences ? What do they have to say about Guru Nanak's sister's marriage ? Are they are aware of her age when she got married ? Let us refer to the Sikhi wiki for more information.

Bibi Nanaki ji (1464-1518) was the elder sister of Guru Nanak and the daughter of Kalyan Chand Mehta(Mehta Kalu) and Mata Tripta. She was born in 1464 in her mother's home at the village of Chahal, now in Lahore district of Pakistan Punjab. The Guru's love for his sister is referred to in most touching terms in some of the Sakhis. A sister's love for her brother is a perennial theme of Punjabi folklore. There are many stories of Nanaki's deep and devoted affection for her brother, Nanak.

Bibi Nanaki was five years older then Guru Nanak, she was the first to recognize his spiritual eminence and to become his devotee. She is often credited as becoming the first Sikh. She protected Nanak from their father's wrath, when repeatedly he disappointed and angered him. She was with him throughout the early years of his childhood. When Guru Nanak Dev was only six years old in 1475, Nanaki was married to Bhai Jai Ram, a revenue official of very good reputation, at Sultanpur, which is in the present-day native state of Kapurthala, and was then the capital of the Jalandhar Doab. Nanak continued to live at home. He rebelled against Hindu ritual customs and rites that were imposed without reason.(SikhiWiki)


Now we do our calculation Bibi Nanaki was born 1464 and she was married in the year 1475. This makes her 11 years old at the age of marriage.

Let us take another example. Guru Nanak wife Mata Sulakhni married him when she was 14.

Mata Sulakhni (1473-1545) was the wife of Guru Nanak the founder of Sikhism. Sulakhani was married to Guru Nanak at Batala on 8 July 1487 (Harh 24, 1544) but this auspicious day is traditionally celebrated in Batala during late August each year. Two sons were born to her - Sri Chand in 1494 and Lakhmi Das in 1497. She survived Guru Nanak and expired at Kartarpur, an habitation the Guru had founded on the right bank of the river Ravi and where she had spent the last years of her life. (Sikhi Wiki)


Next the Second Guru his wife was 13 when he married her.

Mata Khivi (1506 - 1582) was born in 1506 to Karan Devi and Bhai Devi Chand Khatri in a small town called Sanghar which is now located in the province of Sindh in Pakistan. Her father was a shopkeeper and trader, and was a popular man in the neighbourhood. His daughter inherited all his finest attributes of generosity and congenial spirit. She was married in 1519, when she was 13 years old. Khivi was married to Lahina for 20 years before he became the second Guru of the Sikhs. (SikhiWiki)


From the limited sources I have I managed to find information on Sikh marriages which would also be considered inappropriate according to secular standards. What Sikhs to realize is Prophet Muhammad (sawas) did not marry Ayesha (ra) until she reached the age of puberty. Women can reach the age of the puberty as early as the age of 8. If they attacking Prophet Muhammad for this decision then they are also attacking Holy Sikh figures who married women who just reached puberty.

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Posted 10 April 2010 - 07:39 AM (#2) User is offline   SunniMuslimah 

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They have the evidence in front of them but yet still are blinded by it. They find everyway to attack Islam but the shields are placed even before they plan to attack. Great Post JazakAllah :)
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Posted 11 April 2010 - 08:00 PM (#3) User is offline   Keefy 

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This contains the answers
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