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Sufi Mind Map of Shadhili Secrets Pdf File with E-book links Shadhili secrets -Hizbul Bahr,Qasida Burda, Hikam,Dalail Khayrat

Posted 23 December 2009 - 04:41 PM (#1) User is offline   habibali 

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My Sufi Mind Map of the famous Shadhili secrets -Hizbul Bahr,Qasida Burda, Hikam,Dalail Khayrat,  these are  read and used in many tariqahs

This  are the Pdf versions with E-book links

i've made a Mind Map of the Shadhili Manuals.

Sufi Mind Map 4 Shadhili Secrets-
Hizbul Bahr.
Qasida Burda.
Dalail Khayrat.

There are Two versions:

This version has links to the internet and E-books:

There are many E-booksi've linked;

3 E-book Hikam commentaries
Tasawwuf–Qawa’id al-tasawwuf-e-book 293 pages
Qasida al-Mudariyya - Arabic -English
Qasidah Muhammadiyya- Arabic -English
Hizbul Bahr - Arabic text
Hizbun Nasr - Arabic -English
As-Salatul-Mashishiyyah-Arabic -English
Full Al-Murshid Al-Mu'in - English
Shadhili-Darqawiyyah E-book - 200+ pages
as well as many other links

This version has NO links to the internet and is just the Mind Map

different tariqahs have bought many Manuals into the sufi world, the only tariqah that all tariqahs use is that of the Shadhili manuals of Love.

Qasida Burdah is a book of Poems of Love.
Dalail Khayrat is a book of salawat ala rasul.
Hizbul-Bahr is a powerful Wird.
Hikam is a book that teaches wisdom and spiritual openings.

From – www.deenislam.co.uk


Posted 23 December 2009 - 05:10 PM (#2) User is offline   qalam 

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great stuff please email me more like this

can u give me a translation of the qaseeda muhammadiyha etc and al the other qasaaid


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Posted 30 December 2009 - 01:21 AM (#3) User is offline   habibali 

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as for your request, about the translations of the Qasa'id

Qasidah Muhammadiyya -of Imam Busairi - in English

Muhammad is the most noble of the Arabs and the non-Arabs,

Muhammad is the best of those who walk by footsteps,

Muhammad encompasses all that is good,

Muhammad is the owner of excellence and nobility,

Muhammad is the crown of the Messengers of Allah, without exception,

Muhammad is the most truthful in words and speech,

Muhammad is firm in his promise, guarding it,

Muhammad is good-natured in manners and character,

Muhammad, his nature was given light to drink,

Muhammad, his light has continued from ancient time,

Muhammad judges with justice, possessing honour,

Muhammad is a treasure-trove of blessings and wisdom,

Muhammad is the best of the creation of Allah, from the lineage of Mudar,

Muhammad is the best of all the Messengers of Allah,

Muhammad, his way of life is truth, we follow it with him,

Muhammad, comprehensive excellence, truly is his distinguishing mark,

Muhammad, his mention is a refreshment for our souls,

Muhammad, thanking him is an obligation upon the communities,

Muhammad is the adornment of the world and its splendour,

Muhammad is the one who removes the grief and the gloom,

Muhammad is a master, his virtuous deeds are delightful,

Muhammad, the Merciful shaped him with kindness,

Muhammad, the elite of the Creator and His choice,

Muhammad, innocent of all accusations,

Muhammad laughs for his guest, honouring him,

Muhammad, by Allah! His neighbour is never harmed,

Muhammad, the world became pleasant through his mission,

Muhammad, he came with proofs and wisdom,

Muhammad, on the day of the raising of mankind, he is our intercessor,

Muhammad, his light is the guide out of darkness,

Muhammad, standing for Allah, filled with eagerness,

Muhammad is the Seal of all the Messengers,

(Our Lord, bless and send peace, eternally and forever,

Upon Your beloved, the best of all creation.)

The Best of All Creation

These two lines:

(Our Lord, bless and send peace, eternally and forever,

Upon Your beloved, the best of all creation.)

are actually from the Burda of Imam al-Busiri, but have been added as a refrain to this poem as well.

It is related that when Imam al-Busiri was composing his Burda, he wrote the first half of the 51st line, which says:

“The extent of our knowledge about him is that he is human”

and did not know how to finish it.

So the Prophet ṣalla Allāhu ‛alayhi wa ‛alā ālihi wa sallam completed it for him and said to him:

“Say: And that he is the best of all the creation of Allah”.

So Imam al-Busiri decided to add this into the tasliya which was the refrain of his poem that is repeated after every line or two lines.

And it was related that al-Ghaznawi used to read the Burda in every night to see the Prophet ṣalla Allāhu ‛alayhi wa ‛alā ālihi wa sallam in the dream, but it never happened. So he complained of this to a completed shaykh who said to him: “Perhaps you are not paying enough attention to its conditions” and asked him to recite it to him. Then when he heard him recite it he said:

“You are not doing the salaat with the salaat upon the Prophet, ṣalla Allāhu ‛alayhi wa ‛alā ālihi wa sallam that Imam al-Busiri used.”

You can therefore see why Muslims chose to add the same blessed line of tasliya to the Qasidah Muhammadiyya.

ref:  http://riyada.hadithuna.com/qasidah-muhammadiyya/



Posted 30 December 2009 - 01:32 AM (#4) User is offline   habibali 

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1. Qasida Muhammadiyya [with English translation]  youtube link

2. sung by  Yemani - Ahbab Al Mustafa - the quality of the sound is very good


3. Qasida Muhammadiyya -


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Posted 02 January 2010 - 01:27 AM (#5) User is offline   habibali 

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the other Qasida on the Sufi Mind Map is the Powerful Qasida Mudariyyah, this qasida is known for its Ziyara in the Ghayb-unseen world of the four  Khalifahs and Noble prophet (saw) at gatherings when its recited


Qasida Mudariyyah  of  Imam Busairi
Mawlaya Salli wa sallim daiman abadan 'Ala Habibika Khayril khalqi kullihimi

O Allah, send blessings upon the Chosen One al Mukhtar from the tribe of Mudar and upon the messengers and all the prophets that have been previously mentioned.

And send blessings, O my Lord, upon the Guide and his flowers, and upon his companions who spread to maintain the religion.

They fought with him, and strove for Allah, migrated and sheltered him and were thus victorious.

They clarified the obligations (fard) and the Sunna, sought refuge in Allah and thus triumphed.

May it be the purest, most flourishing and most noble blessing, one that fragrances the universe

Diffusing the pure fragrance of musk and from its fragrance may the scent of pleasure spread.

May it be multiplied by the number of stones, the grains of soil and sand, followed by the stars in the sky, and the vegetation on the earth,

  And by the weight of the mountains, followed by the drops of water and rain,

May it be multiplied by the number of leaves that the trees hold, and every letter ever to be uttered, read and scribed,

And (by the number) of beasts, birds, fish and animals, followed by the jinn, the angels and humans.

And by the number of atoms, ants and all the grains, and also by the number of hairs, wool, feathers and fur,

And by the amount of knowledge that Allah encompasses, and by what the Pen of decree and destiny has written

And by the number of all the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon the creation from the time of their creation to the time of their resurrection,

And by the magnitude of the Sublime that honoured the prophets and the angels and gave them glory,

And by the number of all things in the universes, O my Helper, and by everything that will be until the horn blows.

And with every blinking of the eyes of the people in the heavens and the earth, and in the moments of stillness,

And (multiply) by everything that the heavens and the earth contain including the mountains, and the lands, the Throne, the Footstool and whatever they encompass,

And may the blessings be by the number of what Allah has not created and by the which He has created with a continual blessing that does not end.

May it encompass the number of all things that have passed throughout the ages.

May it have no end or limitation, O Great One, nor a period that is concluded or contained.

And double the amount of what has ever been enumerated, doubled (again) and multiplied, O the One Who is Most Able.

(and send blessings) with peace, by the number of all that has been mentioned, my Lord, and multiply it, so that the blessings are spread far and wide.

And may it be multiplied by Your worth and by the breaths of Your creation whether it be much or little.

O my Lord, forgive all those who recite it, listen to it and all the Muslims wherever they may be.

And forgive our parents, our families and our neighbours, and all of us, O Master, we are in need of Your forgiveness.

I have come with sins that are innumerable, but Your forgiveness does not end or perish.

And with grief that occupies me from all that I aspire to, and I come with humility and heartbroken,

I beg You, O Lord, in both Worlds to have mercy on us, by him in whose hands the stones glorified (Allah)

O Lord, increase the good (favours upon us) and forgive us, for indeed Your Generosity is an ocean unlimited,

And alleviate the anxieties of a distressing nature, and relive us of sorrow, You are most Able.

And be kind with us in every calamity, with a beautiful kindness by which distress is no more.

By the (honour) of Mustafa, the Chosen one, the best of creation. In his praise, the chapters of (the Qur’an) were revealed.

And blessing be upon the Chosen one for as long as the sun rises and the moon shines.

And may (Your) pleasure be upon Abu Bakr, his khalifa, who maintained the religion after him victoriously,

And upon Abu Hafsa, al Faruq, his companion Umar who had the final word by his judgement.

And grant generously to Uthman the possessor of two lights, whose good qualities were accomplished with victory in both abodes.

And likewise to Ali with his two sons and upon their mother, the people of the mantle as has been related in the Hadith.

And also upon our Sayyida Khadija al-Kubra who spent her wealth for the Messenger of Allah to gain victory.

And upon the pure wives of Muatafa, and also upon his daughters and sons whenever they are mentioned.

And upon Sa’d and Sa’id son of Auf, Talha, Abu ‘Ubayda and Zubayr, Masters of the best (of people).

And upon Hamza and our Master ‘Abbas, and upon his son, the scholar through him obscurities were no more.

And upon all the family and companions and followers. For as long as the dark night covers the day, and dawn appears.

With Your pleasure, pardon and well being and a good ending, when the term approaches.

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Posted 09 February 2010 - 05:05 PM (#6) User is offline   sahebju 

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indeed nice collection to have
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khaksaare rasool (alaihissalam)

mohammed faizul gaffar.shaik


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