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History about Kaka Sahib (Rahimullah) NWFP Sunnism Pashtoons

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Allah (the most merciful) has sent messengers (Ambia) and prophets (Mursleen) to guide humanity. They delivered His messages to their people to tell them that how Allah desires all human beings to live. They faced many problems to bring them out of the darkness of polytheism and into the light of monotheism. All the prophets volunteered their lives to preach the religion of Allah, the belief in the Oneness of Allah, to tell them why they were created what will happen after death and what Allah expects from us.
Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was sent to the world to present the revelation of Allah's religion's final form. This was necessary because the message delivered by previous prophets had been corrupted or distorted by their followers. Islam is not a new religion it is reinstatement of the original religion of Allah in its purist form. Islam spread through the hard work of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He faced disheartening difficulties and obstacles in His life but He carried on. Through his life Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) laid a practical example for the humanity.
Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was well supported by His fellows (Sahab-i-Kiraam). After Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Sahab-i- Kiraam were given the responsibility to spread Islam as a religion of Allah in the world, They put all their efforts into it beyond all perplexities.
After Sahab-i-Kiraam, Aolia-u-allah (Friends of God, the saints, plural of a Walee, Saint) were given the duty to call on people for the right path, the path of God, the path of success. A Wali is a Muslim when he devotes himself to good and abstains from sins and does not love this world and wholeheartedly obeys the holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and becomes friendly a dear to Allah. They can perform such things (with the permission of Almighty) which others cant do, such things are called Karamaat, Kashaf , Elham (inspirations, revelations). Aolia spends all their lives a result of their hard work Islam the religion of peace and equality was embraced by a large number of people.
Hazrat Kakasahib was a Walee, his name is well known in sufiism. He spent all his life for the people. Studying Hazrat Kaka Sahib's life we come through some of his inspirations one of which was His attachment to the life of Prophet Muhammad's (Peace Be Upon Him). He volunteered His life for the humanity and preached the religion Islam to thousands. His teachings is an ongoing process its transferred spiritually to the pupils of right path. The extensiveness of his teaching can be ascertained from the fact that all his pupils became great saints and leaders (Scholars and theologians) of their time.
Hazrat KakaSahib was born in the month of Ramadan in 983AH. He is the son of Hazrat Shaikh Bahadur Baba, His name is Sayed Kasteer Gul, but he is known as Hazrat KakaSahib, Zairay Kaka and Sheikh Rahamkar.
Sheikh Rahamkar: Rahamkar mean a kind person, Sheikh stands for a leader, Sheikh Rahamkar means A kind leader, The effect of his kindness was so great that he was given the title of Sheikh Rahamkar.
KakaSahib: Kaka is a common name among Pashtoons used for a respectable elders, for his respect Sahib was added to that.
Ziaray Kaka: He is also known as "Ziaray Kaka" among Pashtoons, Zairay means yellowish color, He had light skin colour and most probably this name was given to him for that.
Kasteer Gul: Kasteer is a flower of yellow color which grows in mountains. Gul means a flower. Kasteer Gul means "the yellow colour flower".
Hazrat Bahadur Baba, His Father was based towards south from the village of Ziarat Kaka Sahib called "Kahna Khail" near Nowshera, He was a great saint of his time, he was very kind to human beings. His Son Hazrat Haleem Gul writes in his Book "Makamaat-i-Qutbia wa Maklaat-i Qudsia" that few months before his birth, a family of Khattak background visited Hazrat Bahadur Baba and begged for the life of their only son who was severely ill, Hazrat Bahadur Baba cured their son spiritually and prayed to Allah that "take the life of His son and gift it to their son"
Later that day the family left the house with their son healthy and fit but Hazrat Bahadur Baba's son died. His wife was not happy with that but Bahadur Baba told her that "One human should be kind to another" he said that in reward of his kindness to the mankind, God Promised him that He will Gift him another son who will be the theologian, a saint and the shaikh of His time. He will volunteer His life for the humanity and religion and told her that "He will be respected in the East and West", "He will be popular for his kindness and mercy".
Hazrat KakaSahib is Sunni Sayed, He is descendant of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) through his grandson Hazrat Imam Husain. His forefathers were AoliaUllah and they spent their lives in Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Central Asian States, Afghanistan and Pakistan for religion Islam and its followers.
In his infant age KakaSahib never slept enough and ate sufficient food, His mother used to worry about his health, She was told by Hazrat Bahadur Baba that there was nothing to be worried about as "he weeps because he is aware of the burden on his shoulders, to fulfil the duty, to serve the people and educate them of the right path and his little desire for food is because he fasts through out the day".
Hazrat Kaka Sahib's father Hazrat Bahadur Baba is the son of Hazrat Sayed Nadir Baba (Mast Baba), who is from Sayed Ghalib-u-Din (Ghalib Gul Baba), all buried in Nowshera, Their shrines are visited by thousands of devotees every day, Langar (free food) and houses of residence are offered to them.The other ancestors are burried in Karbogha (Kohat, Pakistan), Khost, Ghazni and Gardez (Afghanistan), Bukhara (Central Asia), Mashhad (Iran), Medina Munawara (Saudi Arabia) and Karbal-i-Muaalla (Iraq).
Hazrat Sahib was educated in the guidance of his father and achieved all the stages of "Sufism" in his early age. Hazrat Akh-u-Din Saljoki is one of his teachers, whose ancestry is settled in village Ziarat Kaka Sahib, they are known as Qazi khails and Qazi Husain Ahmed, Ameer Jumatr-i-Islami Pakistan belongs to that tribe.
Hazrat KakaSahib was well known for his "Deeni Elam" (Religious Knowledge) among the saints of his time. He was famed for the depth and breadth of his knowledge. He left his house when he was 30 and started living in a place called "maila" near Ziarat Kakasahib, Maila is surrounded by mountains, he lived there for years and used that uninhabited place to worship God Almighty,it is said that he never had a worry about his life, comfort and food etc but to invoke the blessing of God. The place later became the centre of religious activities.
Pupils from subcontinent and surroundings studied under his supervision within the seven Madrasas. He used to teach Tafseer -ul-Quraan and Hidaya and knowledge as well as knowledge and understanding of Ahadee'th Nabawee's (Peace Be Upon Him). There were thousands books in libaraies and hostels for the pupils and visitors.
His education was carried over further by his pupils. His pupils were the great saint of their times, some names are Fakir Jamal Khan (RA), Shaikh Abdul Latif Balkhi (RA),Khawja Akhun Yousaf Qandahari (RA), Shaikh Darya Khan(RA), Shaikh Akhun Zafar Kohistani (RA), Shaikh Fatheh Khan(RA), Shaikh Babar Baba(RA), Hazarat Akhun Salak Baba(RA), Shaikh yahya Baba(RA), (Hazrat Ji Atock)(RA) and Shaikh Gulnoor Baba(RA).
His Son writes in his book that he explained precisely the Quranic Verse in which 'Allah Says' "And I created not the jins and humans except they should worship Me (Alone)" He explained that the real meaning of the term “worship” in the religion of Islam is invoking of Allah Almighty and fulfilling His rights. It should be applied daily by fulfilling the commitments to our parents, wives, kids, neighbors etc. Worship is reflected in our manners, behavior and attitude towards others. Worship is offering a prayer, Zikar-i- Allah, reciting and understandings of the Holy Book Qur'aan and Sunnah, worship is following the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him).
He was kind to people, he used to invite people from surroundings for feast every Thursday evening. Though limited with his resources He sat free many slaves.It is said that with His “Duaa” every one got well and came out of their problems and difficulties. Once a man, who was lethally bitten by a venomous snake, was brought to Kaka Sahib. He was given some salt, and was made well again. People who are affected by Jins are brought to his shrine and they go back healthier than they arrive. Those who got educated in his guidance were asked to serve mankind in the region.
Shahbaz Khan and His son Khushal Khan (the great Pashto poet) affiliated themselves to him, Khushal Khan Khattak wrote quite few verses about Hazrat Kaka Sahib's life and his affiliation to him. Khushal Khan Khattak's daughter was married to Hazrat KakaSahib elder son Hazrat Sheikh Zia-u-Din (Shaheed Baba). Khushal Khan Khatak's brother Jamal Khan Khattak (Fakir Jamal Khan or Fakir Jamil Baig) affiliated himself to Hazrat KakaSahib, He is burried in "Chashmai" near Nowshera.
Many books are wrote on his life some of them are Makamaat-i-Qutbia and Maklaat-i- Qudsia by his son shaikh Abdul Haleem Gul, Tazkar-i- Aolia by Fakir Jamil Baig, Sayed Rahamkar by Mir Rahman Ghazi , Shaikh Rahamkar Kakasahib by Bahadar shah Zafar,Rohani Taroon, Zairay Kaka and many more.“Gazetteer Peshawar” and “The Pathans” has precise information about his life
Hazrat Kaka Sahib has five sons (1) Hazrat Sayed Sheikh Zia-u-Din Baba (Shaheed Baba) (2) Hazrat Sheikh Haji Muhammad Gul (3) Hazrat Sheikh Haleem Gul (Speen Baba) (4) Hazrat Sheikh Khail Gul (Zamaray Baba) and (5) Najam-u-Din (died in his infant stage). They were theologians and did everything possible for the society. The ancestry of Hazrat Kaka Sahib is known as Kakakhails. A large number of Kakakhails are living in village Ziarat Kaka sahib but many of them are living in other parts of Pakistan. Kakakhails are well known and respected among the people in all over Pakistan for their social work. They always played an important role in the construction of the country. The Kakakhails work with communities, Madarasa Nasratul Islam, Rahamkar Library, Majlis-i- Millia Rahamkar, Anjumin Kakakhail wa Mautaqideen Kakasahib and Rahamkar Adabi Tolna are the few names of organisational activities to bring the communities closer. Section Kakakhails covers more details.
Hazrat Sheikh Rahamkar KakaSahib died on 23rd of Rajab 1063AH, His funeral was atteneded by hundreds of thousands people from sroundings. Fakir Jamil Baig recited a verse in mourning of his death "your scent fragranced the entire world around, it is difficult to burry you". His shrine is in the center of village Ziarat Kakasahib located near Nowshera. The village is named after him, located towards south of Nowshera and is surrounded by mountains. His shrine is visited by thousands of people from all over Pakistan every day, Langar is distributed and accommodations are offered to the devotees.
The Urs (yearly festival) is celebrated at the Sheikh's shrine (Darbar), devotees attend these gatherings annually for days in large number and engage themselves in "Zikar" (religious mediation). On this occasion a "Mela" (festival) is held for entertainment purposes and different games competitions such as cricket, volleyball, kabadi, and other traditional games are held for youth. This festival held between 15th and 23rd of Islamic calendar month "Rajab". Chiraghan (lighting with candles and lamps) is held on the night between 22nd and 23rd of Rajab.
Kakasahib grandson is Mian Burhanuddin who migrated from kakasahib and devloped a new Village called Bagheecha dehri in district mardan. the Miangan of Bagheecha dehri is Highly educated and Bagheecha Dehri also known as Chota Wilayat (small Britain). They are known and famous by their look also Miangan of Bagheecha Dehri are mostly fair complexion and mostly people eyes are brownish or hazel.


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