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Maa (Urdu & English Translation) True Meaning of a Mother!

Posted 12 December 2008 - 04:51 PM (#1) User is offline   Sister-Asma-Muslim-Sister 

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Jab Tu Paida Huwa Kitna Majboor Tha
Yeh Jahan Teri Sonch Se Bhi Dour Tha...

Haath Paaon Bhi Tab Tere Apne Na Thay
Teri Ankhon Main Duniya Ke Sapne Na Thay...

Tujh Ko Aata Sirf Rona Hi Tha
Doodh Pi Ke Kaam Tera Sona He Tha...

Tujh Ko Chalna Sikhaya Tha Maa Ne Teri
Tujh Ko Dil Main Basaya Tha Maa Ne Teri...

Maan Ke Saye Main Parwan Tu Chadne Laga
Waqt Ke Sath Qad Tera Badne Laga...

Ahista Ahista Tu Kariyal Jawan Ho Gaya
Tujh Pe Saara Jahan Meharban Ho Gaya...
Zore Bazoo Pe Tu Baat Karne Laga
Khud He Sajne Laga Khud Hi Sanwarne Laga...

Ek Din Ek Ladki Tujh ko Bhaa Gayi
Ban Ke Dulhan Woh Tere Ghar Agayi...

Apne Farz Se Tu Door Hone Laga
Beej Nafrat Ka Khud Hi Tu Bone Laga...

Phir Tu Maa
Baap Ko Bhi Bhulane Laga
Teer Baton Ke Phir Tu Chalane Laga...

Baat Baat Par Unn Se Tu Ladne Laga
Qayda ek Naya Tu Phir Padne Laga...

Yaad Kar Tujh Se Maa Ne Kaha ek Din
Abb Humara Guzara Nahi Tere Bin...

Sunn Ke Yeh Baat Tu Taish Main Agaya
Tera Gussa Teri Aqal Ko Kha Gaya...

Josh Main Aake Tu Ne Yeh Maan Se Kaha
Main Tha Khamoosh Sab Dekhta Hi Raha...

Aaj Kehta Hoon Peecha Mera Chor Do
Jo Hai Rishta Mujhse Tumhara Woh Tum Tod Do...

Jao Ja Ke Kahin Kaam Dhanda Karo
Log Marte Hain Tum Bhi Kahin Ja Ke Maro...

Baith Kar Aahen Bharti Thi Maan Raat Bhar
Unki Aahon Ka Tujh Par Huwa Na Kuch Asar...

Ek Din Baap tera Chala Rooth Kar
Kaise Bikhri Thi Phir Teri Maa Toot Kar...

Phir Woh Bhi Bas kal Ko
Bulati Rahi
Zindagi Usko Har Roz Satati Rahi...

Ek Din Mout Ko Bhi Taras Agaya
Uska Rona Taqdeer Ko Bha Hi Gaya...

Ashk Ankhon Main Thay Woh Rawana Howi
Mout Ki Ek Hichki Bahana Howi...

Ek Sukoon Us ke Chehre Pe Chane Laga
Phir Tu Mayyat Ko Uski Sajane Laga...

Muddatain Ho Gayin Aaj Buddha Hai Tu
Tooti Khatiya Pe Pada Bora Hai Tu...

Tere Bacche Bhi Abb Tujh Se Darte Nahin
Nafraten Hain, Muhabbat Woh Karte Nahin...

Dard Main Tu Pukare Ke O MERI MAA

Waqt Chalta Rahta Hai Waqt Kabhi Rukta Nahi
Toot Jata Hai Woh Jo Ke Jhukta Nahin...

Bun Ke Ibrat Ka Tu Abb Nishan Reh Gaya
Dhoond! Zor Tera Kahan Ab Reh Gaya...

Tu EHKAM-E-RABBI Bhulata Raha

Kaat Le Tu Wohi Tu Ne Boya Tha Jo
Tujh Ko Kaise Mile Tu Ne Khoya Tha Jo...

Yaad Kar Ke Gaya Dor, Tu Rone Laga
Kal Jo Tu Ne Kiya Aaj Phir Hone Laga...

Mout Mange Tujhe Mout Aati Nahi
Maa Ki Soorat Nigahon Se Jati Nahi...

Tu Jo Khanse Tu Aulad Dante Tujhe
Tu Hai Nasoor Sukh Kon Bante Tujhe...

Mout Ayegi Tujh Ko Magar Waqt Par
Bann Hi Jaye Gi Qabar Teri Waqt Par...



   When you were born, how helpless you were,
   Thoughts of this world were no where near.

  Your tiny limbs were still not sound,
   You still had not dreamt of the world around.
  You would keep on weeping and weeping,
  After having ur milk ur only job was sleeping.

  It was ur mother who taught u how to walk,
   And the one to embrace u when u could not even talk.
   Under ur mother's shelter u kept on growing,
   And with time ur boat of life kept on rowing.

   Slowly n slowly u became young and strong,
   Soon the whole world became ur patron.
   Of ur stength u were proud all the while, 
Adorning urself in ur own style.

   One day u were swept away by a pretty maid,
   And before her your hand you laid.
   Your duties then you had forgotten,
   Seeds of hatred you yourself had sown.

  Your parents you started ignoring,
   Your own wishes you kept on fullfilling.
   For small things with them you would fight,
   Learning new ways in your plight.

   Remember the day when ur mother told you,
   How can we ever live without you?
   Listening to this your control you lost,
   You wanted your way at any cost.

   Enraged your mother you told,
   Till now I was quite no more can I
   Today I am asking you to leave me alone,
   To break all the ties and to remain forlorn.

   You will get some work go and try,
   People die everyday why dont u also die?
   Your mother would sit and cry the whole night,
   But you remained untouched by her pitiful sight.

   Then with broken heart ur father went away oneday,
   How shattered your mother appeared that day.
 Death was the only thing she wanted,
  As her life had kept her haunted.

   Then finally death embraced the of hers,
  As destiny could no more see her tears
   With tears in her eyes, she passed away,
   Death was
just an excuse nothing was left to say.

   A kind of peace on her face could be seen,
   To adorn her body you seemed very keen.
   Ages have passed how old are you!
   No one needs you just a burden are you.

   No longer do your children respect,
  Only hatred they have,love you cannot expect.
   U sigh and cry O! my mother,
   Now there is no one to care and bother.

   Now you too are left miserably alone,
   Where is ur pride and where has ur valour gone.
  Your memories now make you cry,
   You won't get what u lost no matter how much u try.

   You kept on ignoring the word of God,
ur parents and displeassed ur Lord.
  Death is now all that you contemplate,
   Your mother's face you cannot forget.

   Behold! death will embrace you on time,
  Your grave will hail you on time.
   If one values his parents for all they are worth,
  He will find paradise on this very earth.

   And for their blessings if he keeps on yearning,
   God's grace too he keeps on earing.
   Remember these words of mine,
   The sky is then open for you to shine.



plz remember me in ur duaz....

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** Remember me in your blessed duas plz **

Posted 12 December 2008 - 11:28 PM (#2) User is offline   s4mr4h_78 

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MashaAllah your poem is absoloutly tear jerking and indeed reminds us of staying repsectful, appreaciative and faithful to those we call our parents; those who are a true gift from Allah azwajal.

May Allah azwajal grant us the patience, respect and love to honour our parents till the day of their departure and grant our children and theirs the same qualities till the day of qayamah ameen thumma ameen

May Allah azwajal Bless you abundantly for sharing sister

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Is this SHORT enough?

Posted 16 December 2008 - 06:16 PM (#3) User is offline   someonestrange2 

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It's a beautiful poem, poetry or whatever you would like to name.

Simply because of the value of mother! Ma ki dua jannat ki hawa! jalnay walay ka mu kala :O

Ammi jee Zindabad!

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Posted 31 May 2009 - 06:54 PM (#4) User is offline   Salam4rmsal 

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This is beautiful sista.....thank you for sharing it!! May Allah swt bless my mother with good health and long life and guide those who have forgotten their parents ....ameen.
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