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Hazrat Syedina Imran Alaihis-salatus-salaam http://www.aulia-e-hind.com/dargah/Intl/Oman.htm

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Hazrat Syedina Imran Alaihis-salatus-salaam
Hazrat Syedina Tajuddin ::: Hazrat Syed Shaik Salem Ahmed (Bin Arabiah)



Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Dargah Name : Nabi ( Prophet ) Hazrat Syedina Imran Alaihis-salatus-salaam

City : Salalah ( Main City )

Landmark / Address : Area No. 5, Salalah Main City, Near Lulu Hyper Market

State / Province : Dhofar region ( Southern Oman)

Country : Sultanate of Oman.

Mazar -e-Shareef-Hazrat Imran Alaihissalatussalaam.

The Dargah Shareef ( resting place ) of the Prophet Umran [PBUH]. Prophet Umran or Imran [PBUH] was the father of another Prophet, Mosa [PBUH](biblical Moses), and also Mariyam (biblical Virgin Mary) is located in the main city of Salalah , Dhofar province ( Zafar ) of Southern Oman.

Door Enterance of DargahShareef of Nabi Hazrath Syedina
Imran Alaihis-salatus-salaam_salalah city

There is a whole chapter in Qur'an (Chapter 3, Surah Aal-E-Imran or 'The Family of Imran'). The Grave ( Mazar Shareef ) of Hazrat Imran Alaihis Salatus-salaam is thirty metres ( 30 mtrs ) long.


There is a small mosque and a park surrounding the tomb. The entire place is a beautiful serene, something entirely different from the atmosphere.

Also Majlis of Fateha or Zikr is held on every Thursday evening and food is distributed to all the people who visit the Dargah Shareef of this great prophet Hazrat Imran Alaihis Salatus-salaam.

Mazar_e_Shareef_Hazrat Imran_Alaihis Salaam_Salalah

Allah Shanahu Thaalah says in Quran remembering / Discussing about the friends of allah ( Prohpet / Auliyas / Sufis) is Ibadath ( Zikr-e-Saleheen is Ibadaath mentioned in quran)


Doing Ziarat of Saleheen ( auliyas ) is also the sunnat of Prophets mentioned in quran.

Therefore Loving / Remembering / Doing Ziarats / Zikr ( Taskarah ) of Prophets, friends of allah ( Sufis , Auliyas ) is Ibadaath mentiond in Quran.

Old Mazar-e-Shareef of Nabi ( Prophet )
Hazrat Imran Alaihis-salatus-salaam_Salalah.

Even Hazrath Prophet Muhammad Sal lal lahu alaihi wo salam ( Peace be upon him ) said if any one does my ziarat after my wisal and loves me , it is same as meeting me in my lifetime. Also Many Auliyas and Sufis have mentioned the benefits of ziarats.

From the Dargah Shareef of Nabi Hazrath Imran Alaihis-salatus-salaam, a few kilometres from here one can visit the Camel Spot which is very famous in this area.

Propeht Hazrat_Saleh_Alaihis Salaam's Camel Spot.

The Female Camel of Prophet Hazrat Syedina Saleh Aliahis-salatus-salaam which was killed badly by disbelievers of Hazrat Syedina Saleh Aliahis-salatus-salaam.

The Sacred Female Camel of Prophet Saleh (AS) Which was send from Heaven :-
There is another spot close to the tomb, it has a rock containing the footprint's of Prophet Saleh's [PBUH] camel before it was killed.

CamelSpot_Rock containing Footprints of Camel_ in_Salalah City

Prophet Saleh or Salih [PBUH] was known for his wisdom, purity and goodness and had been greatly respected by his people before Allah's revelation came to him. Most of them did not believe him and tried to put him off by asking him to perform a miracle if he was a true messenger of God ( Allah ). It was to let a unique she camel issue from the mountains. The almighty granted him this miracle and a huge, unique, she camel appeared from the direction of the mountain. Yet most of them didn't believe in him. They started plotting to kill the camel. Three days after they finally killed it against the Prophet's warning, a severe earthquake destroyed the entire city and its habitants. Those who believed in the message of Saleh (PBUH), were saved because they had left the place. The story finds a mention in the Qur'an as well.

Frame showing details of Ziarat-e-Ameen-Allah

Every time there flowers on the mazar shareef , the red flowers are
found in the garden of dargah compound itself.

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