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Benefits of namaaz and the rewards rewards and more rewards.....

Posted 09 January 2008 - 07:03 PM (#1) User is offline   farzanakauser 

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(Bismi Allahi alrrahmani alrraheemi)

Namaz indeed keeps you away from bad, and makes you a full human being. Al Quran.

Between a muslim a khafir the difference is namaz. Al Quran.

Islam has five pillars Towheed, Salat,Saum, Zakat, Haj.  
Namaz is one the pillars of Islam and with out is you are not muslim. The pillars of Islam were all made farz on this world but Namaz was made farz in the heavens directly from Allah Azwajjal to our beloved Prohet Muhammad (SalAllaho Alahi WaAlehi Wasalam).  This is why namaz is so important even in the Quran  Allah Azwajjal has mentioned namaz more than any other Ibadat.
Hazrat Ayesha Saddiqa (Radi Allah Anhu)  states that Muhammad (SalAllaho Alahi WaAlehi Wasalam) had such a lovely habit when they entered the house, they used to greet and talk to every one in a lovely sweet way, but when they heard the Azaan, they ignored us all as though they dont even know us. This was because between Allah Azwajjal and the person the only thing interact is namaz. From this we also learn that when it is time for namaz family and friend dont matter we have to give our mind, heart and the soul to Allah Awajjal.
So why is namaz so important and what are the benefits?  Well when the person is reading namaz he is talking directing to Allah Azwajjal and no matter what the circumstance are he is not allowed to talk to any one else during that time.

When one stands up for namaz Allah Azwajjal comes infront of the person, if the person looks else where Allah Azwajjal says O person Im in front of you, is there any thing better than me that you concentrate on?
When one stands up for namaz and says Allah O Akbar, as soon as these words have come out of the person mouth Allah forgives all his sins and bees clean as though he was born today.
When one has read (Subhanakalah) and read (Aauzobillah) the namazzi gets reward for each hair on the body.
When one reads (Alhamdolilah) the namazi gets reward for one haj or umrah.
When one in rakuh reads (Subhana rabil yal azeem) the namazi gets reward for reading all the heavenly books e.g the Zaboor, the Injeel, Quran etc.
When one reads (Sami allah leman hamidah) Allah looks at the person with so much respect.
When one does sajda the person gets reward equavilant of the whole of humanity and the jinnat.
When one in sajda reads (Subhana rabi yal alla) gets reward equalivant of freeing a prisoner.
When one
turns for salam eight doors of jannat are opened and the namazi will be allowed to enter any of them on the day of Qayamat.

Hazrat Hasn Basri (Radi Allah Anhu) states there are four advantages for namazi:
When a person stands for namaz from the tip of his head right to the 7th heaven there is cloud created and this showers blessing on the namazi.
2) During namaz they is group of a angels that surrounds and protects the namazi.
3) On the day of Qayamat when Allah Azwajal will give permission to the namazi to go jannat there will be one group that will enter there faces will be shining like the sun.  The angels will ask them, 'who are
you and what
have you done in the world. They will reply that we are muslim and we use to protect our namaz. The angels will ask how did you protect your namaz. They will reply, we used for five times
daily before namaz go to the masjid and wait for the namaz time.
There will be second group that will be on the Pull Sirat and there faces will shining like the moon. The angels will ask them who are you and what did you do in the world, they will reply we are muslim and we use to protect our namaz.  They will be asked,how did you protect your namaz,they will reply, we used to do wazu before namaz time and wait for the azaan, as soon as the azaan was said we used to quickly go to the masjid.
There will be third group that will go on the Pull Sirat and there faces will be shining like the stars.  The angels will ask them who are you and what have you done in the world. The group wil reply, we are muslim and we used to protect our namaz.  The angels will reply how did protect your namaz, the group will reply when we heard the azaan we used to quickly do wazu and go to the masjid before the imam started the takbeer.

May Allah Azwajjal make us one these group. Ameen.

Hazrat Khahab Ahbar (Radi Allah Anhu)  states that he saw in Torah that Allah Azwajjal said to Musa (Alahe Salam), O Musa when the Ummat of Muhammad (SalAllaho Alahi WaAlehi Wasalam) reads two rakat for Fajr I will forgive all the sins that they have committed during that day and night.
When they read four rakat for Zuhr I will reward them for each rakat,the first rakat will be for forgiveness, the second will be on the of jugdement I will make there goods deeds more heavy. The third rakat will the angels will do dua for their forgiveness, and for who ever the angels do dua for I promise that I will forgive them. The forth rakat the sky will be opened for them and the Hoors from the jannat will directly look at them.
O Musa when the ummat of Muhammad (SalAllaho Alahi WaAlehi Wasalam)  will read the four rakat of Asr  there will not be single angel that will not do dua for the namazi .
O Musa when they will read the three rakat for Magrib I will open the skies and what ever the namazi prays for his prays will be granted
O Musa for Isha 's four rakat he will be the better than all the rich people in the world, his sins will be forgiven and will be like a new born.

Subhanallah. May Allah Azwajjal give us the ability to pray our five times daily namaz. Ameen.


Love Mohammad (salal la ho alia he waslam) and you have loved the whole creation of Allah azwajal.

Posted 09 January 2008 - 08:47 PM (#2) User is offline   ShaBanA-FaTiMa 

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Allah Ho Akbar, no doubt we are sooo blessed for being the umaathi of Hazrat Muhammad (SalAllaho Alahi WaAlehi Wasalam) and we are soo blessed with our 5 daily salahs.  Which we unfortunately forget or avoid due to our 'so called busy lives'.  Nothing should come between you and your Salah, the benefits are tooo good to waste.  Make it a habit and gain Allah SWTs closeness and all the good deeds our sister Farzana Kauser has mentioned. 

JazakAllah sis for sharing, may Allah SWT reward you

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Hazarat Muhammad (SalAllaho Alahi WaAlehi Wasalam) said 'Follow me and you shall be in the light'

Posted 27 January 2008 - 11:19 PM (#3) User is offline   Star78692 

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Masha ALlah .... Great posting and may it be easy for us to pray 5 times and on time Insha ALlah.
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Posted 05 February 2008 - 12:20 PM (#4) Guest_Ali Al-Hadi_*

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SubhanAllah.A good informative post on salaah which will give us success in this world and the next.

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