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Rasala roohi azrat sultan bahu ramtullah Allah Allah

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Bidaan, Listen(O seeker),
Arshadak allah-o-ta'ala fid-daarain May Allah guide you in both worlds (this world & hereafter)
Kunto Ha Hoviat I was HA of (the domain of) HOVIAT ( the Divine Essence)
Kanzan Yahoot As a treasure of (the domain of) YAHOOT ( the First Manifestation)
Makhfiyan La hoot Hidden in(the domain of) LAHOOT ( the World of Negation)
Fa-Aradto Malakoot Then, in (the domain of) MALAKOOT, ( the World of Pure Intelligence)
Un O'arafa Jabroot I desired that I may become known where there is JABROOT (the World of Power)
Fa-Khalaq-tul-Khalqa Nassoot Thus, I created the creation in (the domain of) NASSOOT ( the World of bodies)
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Praise & Glory be to ALLAH
Az Ajsaa-may Anaasi-ray Khaki
Even from these bodies of earthly elements (i-e from this material world)
Ba-Hazaar Mazhar
there are thousands of ways in which
Zahooray Aasaaray Jamaalo Jalaal-ay
evidences of (Creator's) beauty & grandeur are being revealed
Qudrat Haa-ay Kaamila
(it seems that) the OMNIPOTENT ENTITY( through this material world)
Aa-ina-ay Ba Safa Saakhta
has created a clear, pure mirror
Tamaassha-ay-Roo-ay Zeeba Mee Farma-yed
in order to see HIS own beautiful face
(because so much of AllAH's beauty & grandeur is being reflected through this material world)

Zaat-ay Sar-ay-chashma-ay-chashma-nay Haqiqat
The ENTITY, (which is) the fountain-head of all springs of reality
Ha hoo-ee-yat
(which is) the HA of HUWIYET
Hazratay Ishq
(The LOVE)
Balaa-ay-Kaunain BaBaargaa-hay-Kibriya Takht-ay-Saltanat-Aarasta
held the heavenly court & divine throne, beyond the limits of all the existence (but) (people having) LOVE ( could reache there) in that court of magnificience
Az Kmaa-lay-Ibrat
An exemplary lesson( is to be learnt here)
Maa-Hee-yat-ay Zaatay Paakash
About the nature of that holy ENTITY
Hazaa-raan Hazaar
that thousands of thousand
Bey Shumaar
rather innumberable
Qawafil-lay Aqal Sangasaar
caravans of ( people of) intellect got crushed by stones (perished on the way) (while trying to reach Almighty through logic & reason)

Khud Ba Khud Qamaaray Ishq mee Baazad
(and by seeeing HIS face in this mirror) HE is playing the game of love by HIMSELF ( but in this game)
Khud Nazar Wa Khud Naaziro Khud Manzoor
HE, Himself, is the sight (vision) (and) HE, Himself, is the seer ( viewer) ( and) HE, Himself, is the scene (View)
Khud Ishq, Khud Aashiq, Khud Maashooq
HE, Himself, is the Love. HE, Himself, is the lover. HE, Himself, is the be-loved.
Agar Purdah Ra Az Khud Ber Andaazee
(indeed, O seeker!) if you lift the veil ( of your ego from your eyes) (then you will see that)
Hamaa Yak Zaat
everything is singularity ( in reality there is ONLY one ENTITY) which actually exists
Doo-ee Hamaa
(and) all of the duality ( of things)
Az Ahowlay Chashmeest
( the world of variety & multiplicity) is only due to your (squint) eyes

Mee Go-yed Musannifay Tasneef
Says, the author of this book,
Motakifay Hareemay Jalaalo Jamaal
who resides, secluded, in the sanctuary of ( ALLAH"s) beauty & grandeur
Ha Hoo-ee-yat Haq
of the HA of HUWIYET, in the truest way
Mehway Shahooday Zaatay Mutlaq
who is completely absorbed in observing the ABSOLUTE ENTITY
Ain Inayaat Az Shahooday Mash-hood
who is a gift from the WITNESSED OMNIPRESENCE
Mabood Alal Haq
the WORSHIPPED ONE, in the turest way
Dar Maheday Naazay
who swings in the cradle of
"Subhaani Ma Azamaa Shaanee"
"praise me, how great is my splendour"
Basadray Izaat
who, being at station if highest respect,
Taajay Ma'rifatay Wahadatay Mutlaq ber ser
waers on his head the crown of the knowledge (of God) and oneness(of His Being)

Wa Radaa-ay Tasfiya wa Tazkiya-ay
who, wears on his shoulders the robe of reconcilliation and of purification with
"Anta Anaa Wa Anaa Anta" der ber
'antaa anaa' 'wa anaa anta' ( you are me, and I am you) ( purgation through annihilation of self)
Al Mullaq-qabo Minal Haq-qay
who, was given the title of HAQ ( truth, personified)
Bil Haq
by the HAQ ( Absolute Truth i-e ALLAH)
Sirray Zaatay Hoo
who is the secret of the ENTITY of HOO
Faqir Baa Hoo
who is Faqir BaaHoo (may his secrete be sanctified)
Urf Aawaan Saakin qurbo-jawar-ay Qila-ay Shoar
who is known to be (from the tribe of) Awaan resident of the vicinity of Fort Shor(kote)
Harrasa-hallaho-ta'ala Minal Fitne Wal Joar
may ALLAH safegaurd him from mischeif & oppressioN
Chend Kalemaat
(the author of this books says) few sentences
Az Abarazay Tehqeeqat-ay Faqar
about the secrets from (his) search (enquiries ) into faqr (piety, mendicancy)
Maqaam-ay Hovi-yat Zaat
(about) the station of the ENTITY of HUWIYET
"Rahmatee Wasay-at Kulla Shay-in"
(about the phrase) 'rahmatee wasay-at kulla shay-in' ( My Mercey surrounds every thing)
Tafserr Az Ma'aanee Al Ma'aana
to explain ( the deeper) meanings inside (its apparent ) meaning
Khass Al Khaas Taaleem Mee Aarad
to teach (the meanings) of the rarest of the rare
Aarif-ay Waasil
The one who has knowledge (of God), and the one who has unified (with God)
Ba Herja Deeda Kusha-yad
looks around, in every direction,with wide open eyes
Bajuz Deedarush Na Bee-nad
BUT does not see anything except (ALLAH's HOLY ) PRESENCE
Wa Naqsh-ay Ghairo Khudee
thus he erases from himself all the signs of ( false notions of )
Az Khud Ber Andaa-zad
oneselfness & otherselfness ( he realises that material existence , inside or outside of oneself, is just a mirage)
Ta Ba Mutlaq Mutlaq Sho-ud
so that absolute could unify with ABSOLUTE ( the absolutely purified soul of the seeker can unify with ABSOLUTE ENTITY (ALLAH ) only if seeker is able to kill his/her ego)

Listen (O Seeker !)
Keh Choon Nooray Ahadee
Az Hujla-ay Tanhaa-ee-ay Wahdat
from ITS secluded chamber of UNITY
Ber Mazaahir-ay Kassarat Iraada Farmood
decided to reveal ITSELF in this phenomenal world of multiplicity
Hoosnay Khud Ra Jalwa Ba Safa-ay GarmBazaaree Namood
then HE created a commotion by unveiling HIS sacred eterenal beauty
Ber Sham-ay Jamaal Parwaana-ay Kunain Beesouzeed
and towards the candle of HIS divine beauty, the two worlds rushed like a moth only to be burnt alive(in HIS love)
Wa Neqaab-ay Meemay Ahmedee Posheeda
and through the veil of 'meem' of Ahmed
Soorat-ay Ahmeede Giraft
( the Light of Singularity) transformed into shape of Ahmed
Wa Az Kassarat-ay Jazbaato Iradat
and due to abundance of emotions (of love) and devotion ( to Ahmed)
Haft Baar Ber Khud Ba Jumbeed
( the Light of Singularity) seven times shook upon ITself Wa Az Aan Hafth Arwaah-ay Fuqraa
and, from this (were created) souls of seven saints (faqirs)
Baa Safaa Fanaa Fillah
so much purified, they annihilated themselves in ALLAH
Baqaa Billah
and thus they found eternal life along with ALLAH
Mehway Khiyalay Zaat Hama Maghaz Bey Poast
who remained immersed in thoughts of ALLAH, who are (like a) rindless(fruit), full of kernel (full of essence, without anything extra)
Pesh Az Aafrinashay Aadam Alaihe essalam
much earlier than the creation of Adam (peace on.him)
Hafta Dahazaar Saal
after being remained drowned for seventy thousand years
Gharaqay Behray Jamaal
in the ocean of Divine Beauty
Ber Shajray Miraatul Yaqeen Paida Shudand
(these seven rindless fruits i-e purified souls were borne on the tree of ( reflection of ) faith
Bajuz Zaatay Haq Az Azal Ta Abad
except the ENTITY OF ABSOLUTE TRUTH from beginning till the end (of all existence)
Cheezy Na Deedand
( these seven sacred souls) did not ( and will not) see anythings else
Wa Ma Siwa ALLAH Gaahay Na Shuneedand
and did not ( and will not) listen to anybody except ALLAH

Ba Harimay Kibriya Daayem Behrul Wisaal
in the sanctuary of magnificence (of ALLAH) (these seven sacred souls remain drowned)
La Zawaal
permanently in the ocean of union ( with ALLAH ) without any decline ( in the state of union)
Gaahay Jassaday Nooree Posheeda
at times, they do hide themselves, under the aura of sacred light ( NOOR)
Ba Taqdeeso Tanziya Mee Kosheedand
(for the sake of pursuing) their search of sanctity & purgation
Wa Gaahay Qatraa Der Beher
at times, they are (like a) droplet in the ocean ( part of the whole)
Wa Gaahay Beher Der Qatraa
and at times, they are (like an) ocean in the droplet ( after union, part becomes whole)
Wa Ridaa-ay Faiz Ataa
and on (their shoulders) is the beneficient robe of
"Iza Tamma Faqr Faho ALLAH" BerEeshaan
"when FAQR reached its peak it becomes ALLAH P'uss Ba Hayathay Abdee
that is why, (these seven faqirs have been bestowed) with an unending life and
Wa Taajay Izzay Sermadee
with the respectable, everlasting crown (on their head)
El-Faqr-o La Yohataajo Ila Rabbay hee
because of faqr(contentment), they need nothing from their PROVIDER ( as they have unified with HIM )
Wa La Ila Ghayray hee
nor do they need anything from 'other than HE' ( indeed, one does not need anybody after unifying with ALLAH)
Mo-azzaz wa Mukarram
so honourable, so esteemed, ( they are) ( so elevated, is their spiritual station)
Az Afreenesh-ay Aadam Alaihe essalam
that ( they are) not at all, aware of the birth of Adam ( peace be upon him)
Wa Qiyaam-ay Qiyaamat
nor (are they aware) of the happenings of the doomsday
Haych Aagaahee Nadarend
(they have surpassed the temporal domain, thus for them, the beginning or end of time, means nothings)

Qadam-ay Eeshaan
their feet are
ber ser-ay Jumla Awliya Ghaus-o Qutub
on the head of the Awliya(s) Ghaus(es) and Qutubs ( all hierarchies of saints)
Agar Aanha Ra Khuda Khuwanee Rawaa
(thus) if you call them GOD, that is (perfectly) justified
Wa Agar Banda-ay Khuda Daane Bajaa
and if you regard them as worshippers of GOD, that is also perfectly right
Alemaa Munn Alemaa
and (the one) who understood this (intricate point) (only he has) understood (consistency of thought behind the above two apparently contradicting statements is the crux of the matter, and the one who understood how these seemingly confilicting statements can be true at the same time, is the person who has understood the essence of sufism)
Wa Maqa'may Eeshaan Harimay Zaatay Kibriya
and (thus) Their (high) station is itself in the sancutuary of ENTITY OF MAGNIFICENCE
Wa Az Haq Ma Siwa Al Haq Cheezay Na Talabeedend
(because) they never asked any thing from HAQ (ABSOLUTE TRUTH) except the HAQ
Wa Badunya'ay Dunee Wa Naeemay Ukhrawee
(neither) ( the possessions of) this lowly material world, (nor) the comforts of the hereafter
Hoor-o Qusoor, Behisht,
( like) houries, palaces, and (the temptation for) paradise,
Bakarishma'ay Nazar Nadeedend
(even) for a single momment, caught their eyes (attention)
Wa Az Aan Yek Lam-aa Keh
and for them ( for these seven sacred souls),
Moosa Alaihessalam Der Saraseemgi Rafta
that one (splash of) brightness through which Moses ( peace be upon him ) got perplexed (confounded)
Wa Toor Darhem Shikasta
and Mount Toor (i-e Mount Sinai) shattered down into jumble ( topsy-turvy)
Der Her Lamhaa wa Torfatul-Ain
( is an ordinary splash of light) (because) with every (passing) moment and with every twinkling of eye
Hafta Da Hazaar Baar Lam-aatay Jazbaat
seventy thousand times stronger ( thans at Mount Toor) (splashes of ) brightness ( and of ) emotions (from)
Anwaaray Zaat
NOOR (luminosity & splendour) of DIVINE ENTITY
Ber Eeshaan Warad Wa Dumm Na Zadend
keeps on continuosly befalling unto them but they do not (even halt to) take breath ( or gasp due to abundance of happening)
Wa Aahay Na Kasheedend
nor do they (even ) moan (or sigh) ( due to excessive showers of NOOR)
Wa Hull Min Mazeed Mee Guftend
instead, they keep on saying 'is there any more of IT?'
Eeshaan Sultan-ul Faqr
These are the Sultan-ul Faqr ( king of the faqr)
wa Sayeed-el Kaunaun Un'd
and Sayyed-el-kaunain ( leaders of the two worlds)
Yakay Roohay Khatoonay Qiyamat (Radhi Allaa Anhaa)
one (of them) is the soul of 'Lady of the day of judgement' (Bibi Fatima) (may ALLAH be pleased with her)
Wa Yakay roohay Khawaja Hasan Basri (Radhi ALLAH Anhu
another (of them) is the soul of khuwaja Hassan Basri (may ALLAH be pleased with him)
Wa Yakay Roohay Shaikay Maa, Haqeeqat-al-Haq
another (of them) is the soul of my shaikh,'the reality of TRUTH'
Nooray Mutlaq Mashhood Alal Haq
'the ABSOLUTE NOOR, manifestation of TRUTH'
Hazrat Mahboob-ay Soobhaani, Sayed Muhiyuddin Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani
Hazrat Mahboob-ay Soobhaani Sayyed Mohiyuddin Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani
Qaddas-allaho Sirray Hul Azeez
may ALLAH sanctify his secret
Yakkay Roohay Sultanay Anwaar Sirrus-Sarmad
another (of them) is the soul of 'the king of lights' 'the secret of ETERNITY'
Hazrat Peer Abdur-Razzaq, Farazanday Hazart Peer Dastageer
Hazrat Peer Abdur-Razzaq, son of Hazrat Pir Dastgeer
Qaddas-allho Sirray Hul Azeez
may ALLAH sanctify his secret
Wa Yakay Roohay Chashhma-ay- Chashmaanay Ha Hooviat, Faqir Bahoo
another (of them) is the soul of 'a fountain from the (divine) fountains' i-e Faqir Bahoo
Sirray Asraar-ay Zaatay Ya Hoo
the secret from the secrets of ENTITY of YAHOO
Wa Doe Roohay Deegar Awliya
and there are two more souls, of two other Awliyas
Ba Hurmatay Yumnay Eeshaan Qiyaamay Daaraain
and only due to the esteemed felicity and bleasings of these two souls, the two worlds (this world and hereafter) have their (apparent) stability & permanence
Ta Aankeh Aan Doe Rooh
as long as these two souls
Az Aashiyana-ay Wahadet
from the nest of UNITY (their place in the domain of WAHDAT)
Ber Mazahiray Kassarat Na Khuwahand Parreed
do not bring themselves into this world of variety
Qiyaamay Qiyaamat Na Khuwahend Shud
the doomsday (of this material world) will not take place. (the world will not come to an end until the souls of two remaining Sultan-ul-furqaa do not reveal themselves)
Sarassar Nazaray Eeshaan Nooray Wahdet
their glance (the seven sultan-ul-fuqraa's) is pure (sacred) light of UNITY (NOOR OF WAHDAT)
Wa Keemiya-ay Izaat
and (is like) alchemy of honour and diginity
Ba Her Kas Partavay Unqa-ay Eeshaan Uftaad
(because) on whomesoever their, rarest of the rare, shadow befalls,
Nooray Mutlaq Sakhtand
(it) tranforms him into absolute NOOR
Ehtiyaajee Ba Riyazat-o Wird Awraaday Zaaheree Taalibaan Ra Na Paradaakh-tand
(and these seven Sultan-ul-fuqra) do not require of the seekers to do the lengthy excercies of superficial litanies ( beacause with mere glance, they can take the seeker to high spritiual stations)
Bidaan Keh Faqeer, Mutlaq
Listen (O seeker) that this faqir (who is purgated)
Mo-alliff Taaleefay Een Kitaab Mustataab
the author of this compilation (this delectable book)
Purdah Ha Wa Hujab-o Hujaab
has done away with all the veils
Tamaamee Bar Andaakhta
(which were barring intimacy) (between him & ALLAH )
Ainool-Ain Wahdat Gashta
(and thus) he has himself become WAHDAT ( a manifestation of Absoulte UNITY)
Sooba-haan-ALLAH Jismay Een Bunnda Ra
All Praise and glory be to ALLAH, the (physical) body of this (humble) worshipper
Purdah-ay-Za-eef Ha-yel Khud Ba Khud
is (like ) a thin veil
between (him & ALLAH )
Hazaar Ha-ay Issraar-ay Ajeeba
(and, from behind this thin veil ALLAH is revealing through him) thousand of strange secretes
Wa Lateefa Ha-ay Ghareeba Farmooda
and exquistite subleties are being stated
Khud Naatiq Khud Mantooq
HE Himself is the speaker, HE Himself is the speech
Khud Kaatib Khud Maktoob
HE Himself is the scribe, HE Himself is the script
Khud Daal Khud Madlool
Khud Aashiq Khud Maashooq
HE Himself is the proof HE Himself is the proved
HE Himself is the Lover HE Himself is the Beloved
Agar Een Ra Aassaaray Qudratay Rabbani Danand Baja
If you take this (very piece of writing) as the signs of divine capabilities that is precisely so
Wa Agar Wahee-ay Manzil Khuwanad Rawaa, Ma-az-ALLAH
(but) if you call this (very book) as a divine revelation (sent down on me) that is also right , God forbid
Agar Een Wasseeqa-ay Lateefa Ra
(and) if you read this document (which is full) of subtleties
Az Zabaan-ay Bunda Daanee Al-Haq
as utterance of this (humble) worshipper that is also perfectly correct (way of understanding it)
Agar Wali-ay Wassil Keh Az Raj-at-ay Aalam-ay Roohaanee
if a wali (of high spritiual station) faces a decline, in his spritiual matters
ya Aalam-ay Quds Shahhood
or (if ) in this phenomenal (material) world
Az Daraj-ay Khud Uftaad Baashad
looses his (high & respectable) position
Agar Tawassul Ba Een Kitaabay Musstataab Jooyad
then, if he seeks (the help of) this delectable book as medium (to approach me)
Aan Ra Murshideest Kaamill
for him, I will be a perfect guide (murshid-ay-kaamil)
Agar OO Tawassul Na Giraft OO Ra Qassam
if he does not seek the help (of this book) then, let him be doomed (qassam to him)
Wa Agar Ma OO Ra Na Rassanaim Ma Ra Qassam
but if I do not give him (after he has sought help through this book) then, let me be doomed (qassam to me)
Wa Agar Taalib-ay Silk Sulook
and, if the seeker, of connection & communication (to ALLAH), of civility of conduct (in the path to ALLAH )
Mo-tassim Wa Mota-muss-sik Sho-ud
holds fast, and retain this (book as medium)
Ba-Mujarrid-ay Aetesaam
then, due to retention & perseverance
Aarifay Zinda-Dil
I will give him the knowledege (of ALLAH ) and I will make his heart, alive
Wa Roshan Zameer Saazam
and (I will make) his conscience, clear & bright Her Keh Taalibay Haq Booad Munn Hazirum
I present myself, in the service of whosoever is the(true) seeker of HAQ( truth)
Az Ibtida Ta Intiha Yek Dumm Barrum
so that, I take the seeker, within a moment, from the beginning to the end ( of the path to ALLAH)
Tallib Beyaa Taalib Beyaa Taalib Beyaa
come, O seeker (of this material world) come, O seeker ( of the hereafter) come, O seeker ( of ALLAH)
Ta Rassanum Roaz-ay Awwal Ba Khudaa
so that, the very first day, I take you (to your destination) with ALLAH
Listen (O, seeker)
Keh Aariffay Kaamil Qaadiree
those who have (intimate and ) perfect knowledge (of ALLAH) are the (true) Qaderi followers
Ba Her Qudrat Qaadir
(and thus, they are) capable of (performing amazing) feats
Wa Ba Her Maqaam Haazir
and (are capable of) of being prresent at every place
Mehway Ha Hoo-ee-yat-ay Mutliq ,Mussan-nifay Tasneef Mee Farmaa-yad
The author of this book, who is completely engrossed in observing the HA of HUWIYET , says that when
Ta Aan Keh Az Lutfay Azalee Sarfaraazee
truly divine grace and favour was bestowed (uopn me)
Ain Inaayat Hqqul Haq Haasil Shuda
which I received as a blessing in the truest sense
Wa Az Hazoor, Fayez-An-noor-ay Akram Nabawi Sallallhu Alaihi Wassallam
then Prohphet Muhammad (at the) holliest station of NOOR (divine light) (peace & benediction be upon him)
Hukmay Irshaad-ay Khalq Shuda
(Prophet Muhammad) instructed me to guide the people ( to righteousness) (without discriminating among people)
may they be msulims , may they be non-believers
may they be with fortunes , may they be unfortunate ones
may they be living , may they be deceased
Zaba'nay Gohar Fishhan Mustufa Saane
And, he ( Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h)) himself, with his pearl-divulging tongue called me Mustafa, the second
Wa Mujtaba Aakhir Zamaanee Farmooda
and Mujtaba of the last eons
Dast-ay Bey-at Kard Maa Ra Mustufa
(Prophet Muhammad) Mustafa (p.b.u.h) himself initiated me on his own
Khuwanadeh Ast Farzand Maa-ra Mujtaba
and Mujtaba (p.b.u.h) himself called me, his son
Shud Ijaazat Bahu Ra Az Mustufa
(Prophet Muhammad) Mustafa (p.b.u.h) has given permission (& instruction) to (Hazrat Sultan) Bahoo(r.a)
Khalq Ra Talqeen Beykun Behr Az Khuda
to guide ( and instruct) people ( to the righteousness) only for ALLAH's sake ( only to please ALLAH )
Khaakay Pa-aim Az Hussain-o Az Hassan
I am (as low as) the dust under the feet of (Imaam) Hussain(r.a.) & (Imaam) Hassan( r.a.)
Ma-rayfat Gasheh Ast Ber Munn Anjumunn
that is why I have achieved such ( a high spiritual) station in gnosis Wa Ba Manzil-ay Faqr
(when I had reahed) at a (very high) station of Faqr,
Az Baargahay Kibriya Hukum Shud Keh
from the Court of Magnificense, the decree came that
" Tu Aashiq-ay Maa-ee"
Een Faqeer Arz Namood Keh
(in reply) this faqir humbly petitioned that
"Aajiz Ra Taufeeqay Ishqay Hazratay Kibriya Neest"
"this incapable, (powerless person) is not worthy of (honour & responsibility of ) loving the Personna of Magnificence"
Farmood " Tu Maashooq-ay Maa-ee"
(on this) it was stated that '(THEN), YOU ARE MY BE-LOVED'
Ba-az Een Aajiz Saakit Maand
(for this) this incapable, (powerless person) (had no answer and thus) kept quite
Partavay Shoo-aa-ay Hazart-ay Kibriya
(after my acceptance of the statement) a shadow of light from the Personna of Magnificence
Bunndah Ra Zarra Waar
drowned, (immersed) this (humble) worshipper and each ( and every) atom (of his body)
Der Abhaaray Istighraaq Mustaghraq Sakht
into the occeans of ( perpetual divine) attenstion
Wa Farmood
and said that,
"Tu Ain-ay Zaatay Maa Hastee
Wa Ma Ain-ay Tu Hasstaim"
and WE (with all the Names & Great Qualities) Are your ESSENCE"
"Der Haqiqat Haqiqat-ay Maa-ee"
"IN (the domain of) HAQIQAT (reality) YOU ARE MY REALITY"
"Wa Der Maarifat Yaar-ay Maa-ee"
"and IN ( the domain of) MA'RIFAT (gnosis) YOU ARE OUR ( very intimate) FRIEND
Wa Der HOO
and IN THE SHAPE of (arabic word) HOO,
Sairoorat-ay Sirray YA HOO Hasstee
You (are the traveller who) has reached the regions of SECRETS OF YAHOO












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There are two methods of zikr (remembering Allah). The verbal method by way of movement of the tongue is it silent or loud. The second is the contemplative method. In this lesson we are concerned with the second method. Briefly, this method consists of the science of concentration, imagination and visualisation.

In the Sarwari Qaderi teaching vocabulary `Tasawwur Ism Allah` means to Name or the Kalima. In this system, in the beginning the Name Allah is concentrate, imagine, contemplate, visualise and picture to oneself the Personal Name `Allah` or any other of Name Attribute or the Kalima. This concentration consists of acquiring willpower and spiritual powers through the centralisation and accumulation of human thoughts on one point, that is the Name Allah, any Attributive fixed in concentration either by being placed in front of one or without that. It is than transferred through the faculty of concentration and visualisation, to the heart, brain and other requisite limbs. Since the Name is deeply connected to the Named, along with the transference of the Name, the Personal and Attributive illuminations and light of the Named also get transferred which causes the appearance of spiritual life and Noor (Divine Light) in the above-mentioned 1imbs, thus annihilating the self of the seeker in a sea of light. It is this spiritual light of Tasawwur which conducts itself as a flash of current of lightning which projects the seeker from this transitory world of Nasut to the spiritual world of Lahut. It is with the power of this very Noor (electricity of light) that the machinery of the spiritual universe operates.

In this and future lessons we will first concern ourselves with the Kalima (declaration of faith), its effects and method of concentration.

HADITH: Imaam Nawawi quotes a hadith from Tirmidhi; Hazrat Jabir (Rad.Anhu) reports that he heard Allah's messenger (peace be on him) say that the most excellent way to make mention of Allah is to say, "There is none worthy of worship except Allah."

We must remember that the key of both the worlds is this declaration... the Kalima that 'There is none worthy of worship except Allah, Muhammed is the messenger of Allah' and the one who truthfully recites this Kalima is not without its blessings.

When the Kalima begins to affect the inward and outward states of the seeker, it begins to project him to higher states of spirituality. Its effects are felt in every nerve of the body, so much so that every hair on his body begins to recite this Kalima. The esoteric light of the Kalima pervades his entire being, his qalb (esoteric heart) becomes active and his soul remains in a state of constant felicity.

But remember that just to recite the kalima verbally is something else and to recite the Kalima with the tongue of the heart is something else. Making the heart recite the Kalima is truly a great task but not an impossible one.

* The Kalima is made up of two parts: The first part is the affirmation of Tauhid (Oneness) of Allah and the second part is the affirmation of the messengership of the Prophet (Peace be on him).

·Each part of the Kalima is made up of 12 alphabets.

12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

So when the seeker takes the staff of Ism Allah and strikes it on the rock of the heart 12 streams of Noor-e-Jalaal (electricity of awe) flow from the ocean of the heart and 12 paths of Tauhid open up for the seeker. Similarly when the Ism of Muhammad (Peace be on him) is struck on the heart. 12 streams of Noor-e- Jamaal (electricity of loveable attraction) begin to flow from the esoteric heart. Thus the mureeds heart becomes alive and active and he is blessed with the knowledge from the presence of the Most High. The seeker is transported spiritually to the domain of the Aalim-e-Arwah (domain of the souls) and there standing in the first row he recites the Kalima of Tauhid.

* The second part of the declaration: "Muhammadur-Rasulullah" is very important without which true Tauhid cannot enter the heart, because true Tauhid is the Tauhid which has reached us through the baraka of the blessed personality of the Holy Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu alaihi wasallam (Peace be on him).

* Through the Baraka and esoteric light of the Kalima, the Murshid (teacher) opens the spiritual treasures for the seeker. This is the key... through the esoteric light of the Name Allah the Murshid makes tawajju (spiritual attention) on the seeker and slowly presents him in the spiritual court of the Prophet (Peace be on him) and from this court he receives spiritual nourishment which projects him into the Presence. Such a person, in whose body the Luminosity of the Kalima makes its home, becomes a Wail (Saint) of Allah.

Is it not amazing than that when a non-believer recites the Kalima sincerely, he becomes esoterically clean and becomes a moment (believer)? Yet we continuously recite the Kalima. Yet it does not change us to be better human beings

* As said earlier there are 24 alphabets in the Kalima. According to the cosmology of Hazrat Sultan Bah (Alaihi Rahma) the cycle of day/night is made up of 24 hours. Therefore the cycle of time is under the umbrella, influence and ambit of the Kalima. Another point worth noting is that man breathes approximately 24 000 times in a day/night cycle. So the entire existence of man is a manifestation of the reality of the existence of the Supreme Being.

* Therefore understand that the seeker who understands the negation and affirmation of the Kalima cuts the neck of his nafs, that is, he no longer worships his ego, his likes, his wants, his wealth etc. (meaning that no one person, entity or desire is worthy of worship - this is negation). The reality of this negation cuts the neck of his nafs.

* The reality of the affirmation of the Kalima is realised when the seeker posits and affirms with Illallah the TAUHID AND ONENESS OF ALLAH. Such a seekers heart becomes the reflection of the light of Allah and is blessed with marifa (gnosis) of Allah.

The question arises: What is the methodology of the zikr of the Kalima to achieve its reality. How do we achieve what we just talked about? There are two methods of zikr (remembrances): One is the long method and one is the short or direct method. Adopting either of method will Insha Allah - God Willing lead to the opening of the heart.



Here the seeker should sit like in salaat, facing the Qibla and should close his eyes. He should say the word "La" drawing the sound from the naval, pull it up to his shoulders and then say "Ilaha" drawing the source from the brain. After that, he should strike the words, "Ilallah" with great force on the heart, thinking that none but Allah is the Beloved and that Allah is the Real Being and He is the ultimate end and object of life. This technique takes years of labour and practice before one can transfer the verbal zikr from the tongue to the heart. Nevertheless, it is far better than not remembering Allah at all.



This technique is used as a matter of practice in the Sarwari Qaderi Tariqa. It is safer, quicker and fast acting method of commemoration in obtaining the reality of the Kalima. In this method the seeker should while reciting the Kalima bring into concentration the visualisation of the wording of the Kalima (i.e. he should imagine, picture the wording of the Kalima until it comes into his concentration) and at the same time he should guard his breath. When the seeker breathes in, he should say, "Lailaha Ilallah" in his mind and when he exhales he should say "Muhammadur Rasulullah" in his mind without a movement of the tongue. By Allah, whosoever performs the zikr in this way reaches the goal very quickly by the Grace of Allah.

It is a suggestion that each one of you get a slate and write the Kalima as often as possible, so that its Tasawwur (visualisation) comes into concentration quickly and thus gets stamped in the subconscious. This is the quickest way of achieving it's reality. One who succeeds in this exercise reaches his spiritual goal. The seekers microcosmic as well as macrocosmic reality becomes illumined and irradiate with the light of Allah.

Our master, the great Sheikh Sultan Bahu (Alaihi Rahma) says that the Name Allah is the key of the Kalima. Thus this name Allah should also be visualised. This will Insha Allah be discussed in future lessons. Another important matter to be remembered is that one should not forget "Pas Infaas" (the breathing exercise) during this practice. This method of invocation or remembrance projects the seeker to the proximity of Allah.

Entrance to the Holy Court of the Prophet Muhammed Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam (peace be on him) is achieved through the visualisation and concentration of his blessed name. During this exercise the seeker should sit relaxed fully and breathe in by saying Muhammadur Rasulullah in his mind and when breathing out say "Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam" without movement of the tongue. At the same time he should visualise the name Muhammed in a white lunar colour. The practice of this exercise brings into motion the spiritual attention of the Prophet (Peace be on him) on the seeker thus projecting him into his blessed court from where the seeker receives spiritual nourishment of marifat (gnosis). There is no spiritual stage higher than this i.e. entrance in the court of Allah and His Prophet (peace be on him).

So remember that the concentration and visualisation of the Kalima and the name Allah brings success here and in the hereafter.





As we discussed in our last lesson the KALIMA is the light entire. It illumines the seekers inward esoteric capacity and outward exoteric capacity. It projects the seeker to the proximity of Allah the Most High. Its proper dhikr (recitation) brings success here and in the hereafter.

Hazrat Sultan Bahu (Alaihi Rahma) says:

Kalima means my purification. To it I have been wedded know!

... it will guide me through to heavens. Helping me through

weal and woe.


Kalima ! Millions swam to safety. Hundred pillars saints it made.

Kalima has extinguished fires...

Kalima will lead us to Heaven, morning, evening blissful glade.

Kalima like no blessing Bahoo! Here and there rich dividends paid



The importance of the Kalima in Sultan Bahhoo's thought of mystical recitation is beyond dispute. This is indicated by the verses quoted above. It confirms what was discussed in Lesson One that the Kalima is light entire. Through it are opened to the seeker the doors of Tauhid and Marifa.

In the next lesson we will Insha Allah concentrate on the technical terms used in the vocabulary of Sultan Bahoo (Alaihi Rahma) in describing his mystical thought. We will discuss the methodology of the terms analysed and their application in his mystical system.



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Assalam o aleykum wr wb,

This guy is making a business of it.
These books are great and everything about these books is true.
If someone wants to buy then, then ask your family, friends in Pakistan to buy and send it to you.
I know this person for almost 2 years now. He is a fraud.

Oh one more thing, if you want to read these books online, then go to www.HazratSultanBahu.com

Assalat o Wassalam o Alaika Ya Sayyedee Ya RasoolAllah, Wasallam Alaika Ya Habib Allah (Sallallaho Alaihi W'Alihi Wasallam)

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Dua for Huroof u'l Muqatta'at

Shaykh 'Abdul Qadir Jilani Rady Allahu 'Anhu combined all this 'ulum (knowledge) in a grand convocation in just one salaat. We find that in one of the salawaat given in Fuyudhaat u'r Rabbaniyyah, the Gauth u'l A'zam has used the letters in the blessed names Muhammad and Ahmad as well as the Huruf u'l Muqatta'at without repeating any of the Huruf u'l Muqatta'at! Who can beat such scholarship? As we appreciate this learning that is open, manifest and clear, we begin to understand the depth of his spiritual knowledge that was a secret and even more hidden.

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

Wa laa hawla wa laa quwwata illaa Bi'llah i'l 'Aliyy i'l 'Azeem

Laa Ilaaha Ill'Allah u'l Malik u'l Haqq u'l Mubeen

Muhammad u'r Rasulullah i's Saadaq i'l Wa'di'l Ameen

Rabbanaa aamannaa bimaa anzalta wattaba'na'r Rasul-a

Fa'ktubnaa ma'ash-shaahideen

Allahumma Salli wa Sallim

Wa birra wa akrim wa a'izza wa a'zim wa'rham

'Ala'l 'izzish-shaamikhi wa'l majdi'l baadhikhi

Wa'n nur-it-taamihi wa'l haqqi'l waadhihi

Meemi'l mamlakati wa Haa-i'r-rahmati

Wa Meemi'l ilmi wa Daal-i'd-dalaalati

Wa Alifi'l jabaruti wa Haa-i'r-rahamuti

Wa Meemi'l malakuti wa Daali'l hidaayati

Wa Laami'l altaafi'l khafiyyati

Wa Raa-i'r-ra'fati'l khafiyyati

Wa Nuni'l minani'l wafiyyati

Wa 'Aini'l 'inaayati wa Kaafi'l kifaayati

Wa Yaa-i's-siyaadati wa Seen-i's-sa'adati wa Qaafi'l qurbi

Wa Taa-i's-saltanati wa Haa-i'l-'urwati wa Saad-i'l-'ismati

Wa 'alaa aalihi hawaajiri 'ilmihi'l 'azeezi

Wa as'haabihi man asbahaddeenu bihim fee hirzin hareez.

With the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful (1:1)

And there is no power nor strength except with Allah,

The Most High, The Magnificent.

None is worthy of worship except Allah,

The Sovereign Lord, The Clear Truth.

Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah,

truthful to his promise, trustworthy.

Our Lord! We believe in what You have Revealed

and we follow the Messenger,

so write us down among those who bear witness (3:53).

O Allah! Bestow blessings, peace and honour;

and give nobility, power and greatness; and have mercy

on the one who is lofty in power and towering in grandeur,

and is the high-aspiring light and the clear truth;

the letter "Meem" (in the name Muhammad) is for the kingdom,

"Haa" is for mercy, "Meem" is for knowledge, and "Daal" is for evidence (proof);

the letter "Alif" (in the name Ahmad) is for might and power,

"Haa" is for the realm of mercy,

"Meem" is for sovereignty, and "Daal" is for guidance;

the letter "Laam" (in the Huruf u'l Muqatta'at) is for hidden kindness,

"Raa" is for hidden compassion,

"Noon" is for perfect benevolence,

"Ain" is for care and concern, "Kaaf" is for sufficiency,

"Yaa" is for headship and becoming master, "Seen" is for happiness,

"Qaaf" is for nearness,

"Taa" is for the sultanate, "Haa" is for the tie or bond (of friendship)

and "Saad" is for preservation,

and (blessings and peace) on his family,

who are the high noon of his esteemed knowledge,

and on his companions through whom religion was well protected.

This is just the opening portion of this momentous salaat which is only about a quarter of it. The remaining three quarters consists mostly of dua (invocation).

This calls for a Fateha. Al-Fateha!


Unlock The Secrets of

The muqatta'at

Abjad Table

About one-quarter of the Quranic Surahs are preceded by mysterious letter-symbols called muqatta'at - disjointed letters or, occasionally, Fawatih - openings because they appear at the beginning of the relevant Surahs.

It is related that Abu Bakr as-Siddiq said:

في كل كتاب سر، وسره في القرآن فواتح القرآن

For every book there is a secret and all of its secrets are in the Qur`an in the

opening letters of the chapters.

Al-Hasan said, " The Quran has knowledge of everything

and the knowledge of the Quran is in the Huroof

which are the letters in the beginning of the chapters.

And Ibn Abbas said,

The beginning opening letters of the

chapters are taken from the names of Allāh.

Abu Aliyyah agreed and said:

There is not a letter except it is a

key for one of the names of Allah;

the Alif is the key for His name Allah, {see Abjad Table}

Lam for Latif,

Mim for Malik,

Sad for Sadiq,

Ra for Rabb,

Kaf for Karim,

Ta for Tayyib,

Sin for Sam'i,

Ha for Hamid,

Qaf for Qadir,

Nun for Nur,

Ha for Hadi,

'Ayn for Alim and

Ya for Yaqin.

And he quoted from Ibn Abbas:

Without a doubt, the opening of the chapters

using the huruf is Allah`s Greatest Name.

As-Sady said:

...When Allah wants to make someone and Wali, he teaches him from 'ilm ladduni, then he becomes a knowledgeable wali.

And he endows him from 99 names , with a name which opens it.

This is not open for the scholar by investigation or research.

Then He elevates him to the knowledge of internal and external meanings of the names.

The external is what is related to Allah.

And after that He teaches him the internal aspects which are the singular huruf which is 14 letters { 14th Letter is Nun- Quran says "nun wala qalam" Noon and by the Pen} which occurs in the opening chapters and the are luminous letters. Thereafter he understands them, Allah teaches him the Greatest Name in which if he were to make supplication with he would be answer and if he ask by it, he will be given.

Al-Yafi said in ad-Durr an-Nadhin:

Dhun-Nun said, "Allah's Greatness Name is the speed in which when asked by it, he is answered and it is seven letters. And in the Umm al-Qur'an (al-Fatihah), there are seven verses that consist of all the letters of the `alphabets` except seven letters;

fa , jim, shin, tha, thaw, kha and zay.

(al-Yafi continues):

For each of these letters is a specific day from the days of the weak, and a spiritual custodian and a special name for it.

Kha is for Sunday

and its custodian is the Angel Rawfa'il

and the special name for it is Khabir

Shin is for Monday

and its custodian is the Angel Jibr'il

with the special name for it is Shakir.

Zay is for Tuesday

and its custodian (servant) is Angel Samsama'il

and the special name for it is Zaki

thaw is for Wednesday and its custodian is Mika'il

and the special name for it is Tahir

Tha is for Thursday and its custodian is Sirfaya'il

and the special name for it is Thabit.

Jim is for Friday and its custodian is 'Anya'il

the the special name for it is Jabbar.

Fa is for Saturday and its custodian is 'Azra'il

and the special name for it is Fatir.

It is said that Allah's Greatest Name is contained therein these letters. In the book Manbah Usul al-Hikmah, that ash-Shaykh as-Sunusi used to make dua by it by saying:

By the right "Bi Haqq" : fa , jim, shin, tha, thaw, kha and zay.

As far as the Huroof that occurs in the beginning of the chapters, there are 29 which are:

ALif Lam Mim,

Alif Lam Ra,

Alif Lam Mim Sad,

Ha Mim,

Ha Mim Ayn Sin Qaf,

Kaf Haa Ya Ayn Sad,

Ya Seen

Ta Haa,

Ta Sin,


and Nun.

Its singularities are:

Alif, Lam, Mim, Ha, Ra, Kaf, Ha, Ya, Ayn, Sin, Qaf, Sad, Ta and Nun.

It numbers 14 letters and they are what are called illumination. It is half of the arabic alphabet by count. The scholars differ in its interpretation, it is reported that Ibn Abbas said, "The scholars are unable to grasp it meanings. Ash-Sh'abi said, "It is the secret of Allah, so don't seek it.[1]

Abu Talib al-Maliki said in his Provisions of the Hearts, Ali (ra) used to make the supplication:

O Kaf Ha Ya 'Ayn Sad, I seek refuge in you from the sins that constitutes wrath, or reverses blessing or removes protection or withholds the rain from falling or increases enemies against me. O Allah, help us against ourselves.

It was narrated that Ibn 'Iyyadh said:

Kaf Ha Ya 'Ayn Sad :

means that Kaf is for the Sufficient (Kafi),

Ha is from the Guide (Hadi),

Ya is from Certainty (Yaqin),

'Ayn is from Knower (Alim)

and Sad is for Truthful (Sadiq).

As-Sayyin al-Murtadha az-Zubaydi said:

They are the names of Allah but some differ with others on which ones. It is also a sigh to the attributes.

It is said in the commentary of al-Watajini that the Huroof are symbolic meanings of the chapters of the Qur'an and that none knows its meanings except the the Rabbaniyyun. And at-Tirmidhi said the opening of the chapters has signs that are condensed (within the letters), no one knows them except Hakims of the ummah.

Ibn al-'Arabi said:

You must know that all the letters (muqatta'at ) in the beginnings of the chapters are the names of Angels . I have related them in some occurrences. There are none among the Angels that appeared (to me) except that it informed me on knowledge I didn't know about before. In general, they are my Shaykhs. If I uttered any of those letters, it is equivalent to calling out and the angel answers it because it's directed to them.

Ash-Shaykh Abu al-Hasan said,

"Ha Mim are two secrets from yours and a light which issues from you." And he also said, "By the sanctity of 70{ Ya-10, Seen-60 equal 70Ayn- Ayn Vision Aleem is Knowledge: and 80 is Fa and Fa Fatiha }and it secrets are from you to the Muhammad (saw)."

(The author said) The meaning of this is that these letters are symbols and signs between Allah and His Prophet (saw). Al-Bakhi in the commentary of the Hizb al-Bahr by ash-Shaykh Abu al-Hasan on the number 80 and 70 that's mentioned before, "It is the number of the letters which are described in the opening (illuminating) chapters, the 29 letters.

One of the Grand Shaykhs of the Shadhuli said, "I saw in a dream something in a way I differed from the scholars when Allah says, Kaf Ha Ya 'Ayn Sad, and Allah made me say, "It's a secrets between Allah and the Messenger of Allah (saw)." It is as if Allah said about the Messenger of Allah (saw),

"You are the cave (from Kaf) of existence[1], which all existence seeks refuge to,

(for the Ha), the Mulk and the Malakut are for your pleasure. { Hayat is Life}

O (from Ya) source { beseech}

(from 'Ayn) for all, you are my attributes { Alim is by word, word is the Proof}

(from Sad, attributes) who obeys you, obeys Allah. You are our lives, our king, our trust and our imminence"

Ibn Sultan said of this, "The scholars didn't agree on the meaning of this. So I said, "Let us go to the Messenger of Allah (saw) and he said, "What ibn Sultan said is the truth. In general, everything that is said regarding the illuminating letters, are based on the degree of his unveiling and what level he is in."

Prophet {S} Teaching of the Abjad Table:

Jabir bin 'abd-Allah bin Rabbah said:

Abu Yasir bin Akhtab was among a group of Jews and passed by the Messenger of Allāh and he was reciting Fatihah, Alif Lam Mim, This is the Book.........

Then his brother Hayy bin Akhtab went to the Jews and said, "By Allah, I heard Muhammad recite what was revealed to him.

They said, "You heard this? He said, "Yes." So he walked with this group to the Messenger of Allah and they said, "Did Jibril bring you this from Allah?

He said, "Yes. They said, "Allah has brought before you Prophets.

We only know a prophet by the extent of his reign. And what was the extent of his nation. One of them brought what was with him and said,

"Alif is one,

Lam is thirty 30 and

Mim is forty 40 and this is 71 years.

Do you wish to enter the religion of a Prophet when only the extent of his reign and the age of his nation are only 71 years?

Then he came to the Messenger of Allah (saw) and said, "O Muhammad, is there anything else besides this? He said, Yes!

He said, "What is it?

He recited Alif Lam Mim Sad.

He said, "This is more!

He said, "Alif is one, Lam is 30 thirty, Mim is 40 forty and Sad is 90 and this is 161 years.

He said, "O Muhammad is there more? He said,

"Yes! He said,

"What is it?

He said Alim Lam Ra. He said, "This is more!

He said, "Alif is one, Lam is 30 thirty and Ra is 200 two hundred which is 231 years.

He said, "O Muhammad is there more?

He said, "Yes! He said, "What is it?

He said Alim Lam Mim Ra. He said, "This is more!

He said, "Alif is one , Lam is thirty, Mim is 40 forty and 200 Ra is two hundred and this is 271 years.

They said, "We are confused about your matter,

O Muhammad, until we have absolutely no ideal what you've been given."

Then they stood to leave and

Abu Yasir said to his brother and the rabbis with him,

"Perhaps it is not known to you because it is all for Muhammad, 71, 61, 100, 231, 271 is 734. and more that was not calculated" They said, "This is confusing to us."

Three surahs are pre-fixed with only one letter:

(i) Surah Sad chapter 38 with Sad
(ii) Surah Qaf chapter 50 with Qaf
(iii) Surah Nun or Qalam chapter 68 with Nun

b. The combination of two letters occurs in 10 surahs:

Three of them occur only once each:

(i) Surah Ta Ha chapter 20 has Ta Ha
(ii) Surah Al Naml starting with chapter 27 has Ta Seen
(iii) Surah Ya Seen chapter 36 has Ya Seen

Ha Meem occurs in seven consecutive Surahs from Surah 40 to Surah 46:

(i) Surah Ghafir or Al-Mu'min chapter 40
(ii) Surah Fussilat or Ha Meem chapter 41
(iii) Surah Al Shura chapter 42
(iv) Surah Al Zukhruf chapter 43
(v) Surah Al Dukhan chapter 44
(vi) Surah Al Jathiyah chapter 45
(vii) Surah Al Ahqaf chapter 46

c. There are three combinations of three letters each occurring in 14 surahs.

Alif Laam Meem occurs in six surahs

(i) Surah Al Baqarah chapter 2

(ii) Surah Ali 'Imran chapter 3
(iii) Surah Al 'Ankabut chapter 29
(iv) Surah Al Rum chapter 30
(v) Surah Luqman chapter 31
(vi) Surah Al Sajdah chapter 32

Alif Laam Ra occurs in six consecutive surahs: Surah 10 to Surah 15:

(i) Surah Yunus chapter 10
(ii) Surah Hud chapter 11
(iii) Surah Yusuf chapter 12
(iv) Surah Al Rad chapter 13
(v) Surah Ibrahim chapter 14
(vi) Surah Al Hijr chapter 15

Ta Seen Meem occurs in two Surahs:

(i) Surah Al-Shura chapter 26
(ii) Surah Al-Qasas chapter 28

d. Combination of four letters occurs twice:

(i) Surah Aaraf chapter 7: Alif Laam Meem Sad
(ii) Surah Anfal chapter 8: Alif Laam Meem Ra

e. Combination of five letters occurs twice:

(i) Surah Maryam chapter 19 begins with Kaf Ha Ya Ayn Sad
(ii) Surah Al-Shura chapter 42 begins with Ha Meem Ayn Seen Qaf

Surah Al-Shura chapter 42 has a double combination of abbreviated letters one set of two letters followed by one set of three letters.


[1] Means unless you are granted it from Allah.

[1] Hence, run to the cave? Allah knows best.







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Masha ALlah ... Jazak ALlahu Khayran .... Great share
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