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God Doesnt exist because we cant and havent seen him? refuting atheists

Posted 04 September 2007 - 09:53 PM (#1) User is offline   Sami-Zaatari 

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as you all know one common atheist argument which they mockingly use is that god doesnt exist because we dont see him, that we are dellusional and crazy for believing in the 'invisible man upstairs' as they say.

well this article refutes this argument and shows how weak and illogical and mis-interpreted it is with us God believers:


article should also be helpful for Muslims who have been having this problem as well!

Posted 21 May 2009 - 01:15 AM (#2) User is offline   shez1983 

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that article doesnt prove anything i think?

1. rain etc.. atheist will just say its a natural phenomenon.. ie a cycle of water that evaporates and then falls when certain conditions are met..

and i coulld give a similar answer to others too..

what we as muslims need to do is to prove Allah by not using the Quran as they dont believe that Quran IS The word of Allah.. so if anything that should be the first step i.e. proving Quran IS the word of Allah..

Posted 21 May 2009 - 01:27 AM (#3) User is offline   Faisal 

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We do not need to prove anything. Ask any lawyer it is the prosecutor who provides the evidence. Our stance is that Allah Subhanu watala exists if they don't believe in Him, it is upon them to provide the evidence not us! The defendants don't provide evidence first the prosecution does and the defence analysis and refutes the evidence provided by prosecution. After that if the defendant want's to he can provide evidence of his stance to strengthen his case.

One thing that is wrong with Muslims today is when their views are challenged they run to find evidence to support their view, whereas in fact the burden of evidence is upon the one challenging not the one who is being challenged!

Ishq-e-mustafa jis ke senein mein hai. Jahan be rahe vo Madenein mein hai

Posted 21 May 2009 - 04:46 AM (#4) User is offline   seeker 

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I'm not saying this necessarily from a da'wah point of view, perhaps just as reassurance for believers. Personally - the fact that I EXIST is proof that there is a Creator.

Things do not come from nothing.

If there was nothing, then there would not be anything. Ever. (In fact time would not even apply if there was NOTHING. Not even emptiness. Not even black. Just, nothing!)

However there IS (and the proof of this is "Je pense donc je suis" I think, therefore I am), so there must be an Originator.

And Allah uses the name al-Badi' for Himself (Azza wajall) in the Qur'an - The Originator!

Now that we have established that there is a Creator, let's learn about Him. How do we do that? We convince ourselves that the Qur'an is His Word and He has sent messengers by seeing their miraculous nature.

And for those who are already Muslim - if you pray 5 times a day then there is no other proof that will be bigger than the Iman in your heart!
On leave. May Allah grant us all the best of this worldly life, and the best of the true, everlasting life. Ameen.

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