Spirit Of Islam: Shia Extremists Vs. Sunni Extremists - One And The Same

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Shia Extremists Vs. Sunni Extremists - One And The Same -----

May 27 2011 11:06 PM | Tahir-Riaz  in Enlightenment

The purpose of this thread is to highlight the extent of the ignorance exhibited by the masses. Refer to the video below,

Once again we exhibit a mullah making a speech on a topic that has no bearing on anybodys life or anything to do with the core set of beliefs of a Muslim. No difference there - its a trait shared by the Sunni mullah.

As a viewer, it would be very convenient to label this as a gathering of ignorant shias. The speech of the shia speaker would definitely seem very alien but the reaction of the audience is by no means unfamiliar. I hope this video will serve as a self-awakening call who respond to the chants of hate of their ignorant Pirs regardless of what sect they belong to.

The Shia scholar in this instance firstly attempts to make a distinction between a "Siddiq" as appointed by God vs. a "Siddiq" appointed by people. Then he alleges that the Siddiq appointed by Allah Taalah i.e. Hazrat Ibrahim (A) told three lies. On this basis, he concludes imagine how many lies were told by the "Siddiq" appointed by people referring to Hazrat Abu Bakr ®.

The audience goes nuts. They think its amazing logic. You can hear them praising the scholar and stating, "Wah, kya baat hai!". This is followed by some naaras.

Unfortunately, none amongst the audience were willing to use their brains. They heard what they wanted to hear. The far reaching implications of the scholars statement of to check the consistency of the accusation with their core beliefs was never on the cards.

1. The word "Siddiq" means truthful. According to the shia scholar, Hazrat Ibrahim (A) was made "Siddiq" by Allah Taalah yet he lied (Naazubillah). That in itself is a contradiction.

2. The title of "Siddiq" was given to "Hazrat Abu Bakr ®" by the Holy Prophet (S) when he testified to the event of the Night of Ascension. It is therefore not a title nominated by people as he alleges.

The above are two very basic points. Anybody with very limited knowledge and basic common sense can work this out yet they don't?

Therefore the next time you are responding to the hate-speech and illogical conclusions of a Pir or Scholar on stage, calling other kafir, escalating the celebration of milad to the level of a pillar of faith and levying false accusations to a popular personality, remember this video and think,

1. What he is saying - does it make sense?

2. What implications does such a belief entail?

3. Is it contradictory to our core belief set?

4. Are we any different?

Don't be a sheep! Don't be a fool! Think - use your brain. Acquire some basic knowledge if you don't have any. Don't let the Mullah control your minds.

Shia Mullah vs. Wahabi Mullah vs. Deobandi Mullah vs. Barelvi Mullah - they are one and the same and so are their followers!


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16 June 2011 - 06:34 PM
Brotrher Tahir:

It is a well balanced article. The difficulty is that whatever you do, you can not escape the people who you call Mullahs. Unfortunately, those are the people who got the religious education and some of them become extremist. For an ordinary person there is no way that they may get the religious education by bypassing them. So ignoring all religious leaders by calling them Mullah does not serve the purpose. Most of those who want to ignore all Islamic scholars as Mullahs and want to educate themselves on their own using Google, chat sites, and other sources to educate themselve. This class is very limited in number and mostly comprise of otherwise educated Muslims who lack the religious education. Most muslims living in muslim countries and abroad still are forced to educate their children with Islamic knowledge and are dependent for the religious education of their children on traditional Islamic scholars. Therefore, the role of traditional Isla hrough internet get benefit from sites like yanabi.com. However, authenticity of knowledge from such sites is often questionable and there are net Mulls on such sites who are projecting their own understanding and desires. They are more extreme in their views than traditional Islamic extremists. These net Mullahs pretend to be liberals and supporting diverse views but rather than respecting the opposition they tend to impose their personal views on others by belittling the opposition by their writings. They generally lack the basics of Islamic education and are unaware of principles of deriving laws in Islamic jurisprudence and base their arguments largely on Western values and arguments of qayas. They are happy to support each other against the traditional Islamic Scholarship, and what they call Mullaism, however, they are far less tolerant of each other when their own egos clash. The recent uprohr at Yanabi.com is an example of that. The younger religious contingent both from madrissa's in Pakistan and Europe is more extremist and less knowledgeable and it is evident from the recent MufakkireIslam versus Jalali debate.

The only option we as Ahl Sunna has, is to support the genuine religious scholarship and project it and identify the extremists and expose them and continue exposing them. Yanabi.com can play an important role in it.

Shahid Shaheen


23 July 2011 - 05:21 PM
Kindly check this below links


19 February 2012 - 08:33 PM


09 December 2012 - 06:43 AM
Now please before you start reading,tell yourself you will be honest,and trustworthy to yourself.Take a few minutes,and think about this,Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h was the leader.He had a daughter,bibi Fatima a.s,she was married to Imam Ali a.s.That makes Imam Ali a.s his son in law,and bibi Fatima's husband. So as him Imam Ali having a relationship to his daughter and the beloved prophet should he not become the leader.As well as,he was also the prophet's cousin.this is than the man and women who had a son poisoned,a son whose had was cut off.A son whose armes were cut off.Grandchildren who ere killed at the age of 6 moths,shazada Ali Asghar,and an 18 year old,shazada Ali AKbar.If this is not sad Imam Hussain's four year old daughter,who was klled,and seperated from her dad.Think if this is justice to them,if we do not matam,or if they deserve the leadership or not,NOw is the time to think and says something.


12 November 2013 - 05:26 PM
To lover of Hussein

Brother it's not EMOTIONAL Islam didn't succeed on EMOTIONS

And you SIT BACK AND.........THINK......VERY VERY HARD.......are you thinking????

Now ask yourself why did ALI RADHYIALLAHUANHO agree and sided and advised the first three leaders??
Also TOOK spoils of war from the first three also

Now think very hard what your answer is gonna be and make sure you answer WITHOUT insulting maula e kusha

You have two choices typical one He observed taqiya to save the nation?!?!


In other words stayed quite on Allahs commandment as you Shia say he was APPOINTED BY DIVINE REVELATION


Second choice he didn't but kept Himself secluded at home with the other three or four sahabas cos Shia say there were only a few REAL followers


In other words He stayed at home even though Allah commanded him to let everyone know of His Imamate


This doesn't sound like the Ali of sunnah

Some kafir insulted Him and struck Him so the Brave Ali grabbed him and was about give him a good hiding but then let him go the person asked Ali why the reply was YOU ONLY INSULTED ME, BUT IF YOU WERE TO INSULT MY GOD OR DEEN......then I would have retaliated!!!

Ali karamallah wajha sher e khuda ain't scared of NO HUMAN let alone our first three khalifs

If our Ali knew for a second that the Khalifs were against Islam astaghfirullah (which they weren't) then trust you me with the rep of Ali he sure would have gone to war even if He was on his own

But.........that never happened

And Allahs deen was a SUCCESS the the first thirty years of the Khalid's were GOLDEN years we have NEVER achieved that since even at the time of ottomans

That's how much grace and favour Allah had on the Sahaba and how they expanded the empire and help bring light to the dark world


09 June 2014 - 09:59 AM
May Almighty Allah in his Infinite Mercy guide us aright


09 June 2014 - 10:01 AM
May Almighty Allah in his Infinite Mercy guide us aright
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