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Reflexive Analysis -----

May 10 2011 09:10 AM | Hamzah  in Basics of Islam

Written by Super-Sunni here: http://www.yanabi.co...859#entry421859

An important element of interpreting information is the ability to analyse the rationale behind an opinion on a topic. Religion, world leaders, and society are usually areas which are heavily criticised in our daily lives. However critical analysis is not a one way tool; when opinions and views are formed on a particular topic by individual/s, individuals must do a reflexive analysis i.e. look at the reasons of why they have such an opinion, what has influenced them and so forth.

One of the things noticeable on YaNabi.com and other forums is that we’re quick to use critical thought on others, without thinking why we have this opinion. It is usually a case of an inherent bias, lack of information or a misunderstanding of Islam. By having the ability to do a reflexive analysis we’re able to demonstrate that our opinion is not a mere ‘personal opinion’ but is founded upon evidence.

The purpose of my post is, why is it when a forum member criticises Ulama and groups, that their post cannot be examined with the same level of critical thought, as they are using on Ulama and Groups who are unable to defend themselves here? When it is brought to their attention that their view is not endorsed in Islam they respond back using logic; why is this the case? I can expect such responses from a non-Islamic site however this is a site that promotes Islam.

In some extreme cases on the forum; I have noticed that not only do we criticise other groups but when we attack them we mention the Sunnah with a negative connotation. Why have we started to do this? And what are the implications of this from an Islamic view? I am not labelling anyone here; but would like to draw your attention to why we have such a low view of our traditional practices which are not cultural but founded upon Quran and Hadith.

What is it about the Sunnah that makes people queezy? The Sunnah as many Ulama and especially the Sufis such as Hazrat Abdal Qadir Gillani, Imam Ghazzali and Hazrat Ahmed Sirhindi – May Allah be Pleased with Them – have stated is the mechanism to keep your nafs in check. For example when someone is in two minds to do something; should he eat or pray first the Sunnah will give him guidance on that.

Now what can I say about myself when I belittle the Sunnah; am I keeping my nafs in line or am I following my personal whims and desires? The Sunnah is like the skin of a fruit, if you take the skin off, the fruit will rot a lot quicker, likewise the Sunnah protects our Imaan, when we remove the Sunnah it is easy for the Imaan to rot.

If one cannot follow the Sunnah, then we should at least love those people that are able too, and if they make mistakes or do something which is not to our liking then please don’t bring the beard and niqaab into it.

Finally, one last thing, when someone corrects us or advises us on a particular point we shouldn’t become bitter about it, say Jaza-khalla and move on. Let’s say if I don’t see eye to eye with someone on a particular thread, and I allow this to discolour and discredit any good things they say on a different thread/post, then what does this show me as.

Just some critical thought for my brothers and sisters to reflect on!


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