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I had an interesting discussion with my tutor about how humans progress in life in general and to get to a certain successful point in your life people follow a path, or in this case a triangle, and if one need is not met it has a knock on effect to your actual self and your progress let me explain.

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This is the very basic humans need to survive, food, water, sleep etc. Without these basic function humans cannot even function, so this is the starting point.

The environment they live in, it must be safe, secure and constant, a routine and a job to survive, safety includes:
Personal safety,
Financial safety,
Health and well being safety against illness and

Love and belonging:
Humans need to feel a sense of belonging, a sense of being needed and needing others, physical intimacy not just a means to an end. The people surrounding you uplift you this could be work colleagues, friends or family.

When the first few needs are met, you have a solid foundation around you, and then you can then soar to heights. If you don’t have a good social circle of friends and family supporting you or you lack financial safety achieving the higher level will be slightly difficult. Humans then wish to attain respect, recognition in their work, and a feeling of confidence.

Self Actualization:
When a person soars in life and reach their full potential, this may be becoming an ideal parent or another may wish to become an athlete and realizing your full potential and applying it, becoming the best amongst the rest.

In order to reach the top your basic needs must be met, if one suffers from a trauma be it in the family or illness this will have a knock on effect to your performance. In order to reach this level one must not just achieve the other needs but master them.
So think about it, where are you at? Why are you not progressing it could be a personal issues, a health issue or a financial issue and master that before you can move on.

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1 Comments On This Entry

I agree, that this is an idealistic view, and cannot be tried and tested for everyone. It's a theory.

There are those individuals who progress in life even when then have a disability, or a poor background or other reasons.

For me this is where society has progressed, allowing all to fulfill their dreams, desires even when Maslow's Pyramid wouldn't give them a hope in hell!

But as a general pyramid of progress I found it quite fascinating.
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